My least favorite month (January) has finally come to an end. Things seem to be looking up — Phil didn’t see his shadow and has predicted an early spring — and though there are no flowers outside in the frigid north, I did manage to find these two enamel flower pins at an estate sale to brighten my day.enamel-flower-pins

My collection of vintage enamel flower pins now numbers three. Though they are all in the green-blue family, each pin is slightly different. I especially like that the center of one of my newest pins is some sort of corduroy-like fabric. I’ll have to be on the lookout for some yellow, pink, red or orange flowers to add to the bouquet. One thing is for sure — these cheery flower pins help beat the winter blues.

What do you do to beat a case of the Januaries? I’ve taken a few trips to the local thrift and antique malls, ordered some vintage patio planning books from the 1960’s that are due to arrive any day now (a preventative move to help beat the February blues), and devouring Mad Men season 5 on DVD (Yes, I’m a season behind — we don’t have cable!).

UPDATE: To see the latest on my pink master bathroom plan — head over to Retro Renovation for the most recent mood boards.



  1. Winter is long here too. My Mister is a snow plow driver, so I am sometimes home for long stretches alone, or have to be quiet because he is sleeping. I also catch up on Mad Men, or my newest DVD set, The Lucy Show Season 1.The year is 1962, and not only is it funny but I love to see the houses and clothing! I also have Hazel, Gidget (the series) and The Patty Duke Show on DVDs. All are from the early 60’s and great for decor ideas! I also thrift a little when I am out running errands. I am looking forward to spring when the garage sales start back up 🙂

  2. We don’t get seasons…more like a toss of the coin day by day. Yesterday was a very hot day but not long ago we had a weird freeze!
    I have a small collection of the enamel pins and I put them in my milk glass vases..they look so pretty. They are hard to find at a decent price so I don’t have many.
    I still have to get the latest Mad Men DVD set…I hear the new season is finally coming in April.

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