Remember how the cute little pink half bath at Grandma’s house inspired me to make my own pink bathroom? I think I’ve done it again — more of the materials and style decisions for my master bathroom remodel seem to be lining up with the design of Grandma’s yellow bathroom.


Though I haven’t committed to putting up any chalkware fish in my bathroom — even though Grandma’s fish are pretty cute — maybe I’ll change my mind and hunt some down?flowered-wallpaper-in-yellow-retro-bath

I’ve already been contemplating wallpaper, though I’m not sure I’ll put any up right away. Wallpaper can always be added later — should the perfect design appear…unglazed-tile-floor-yellow-retro

If that floor pattern looks familiar to you — it might be because the tile pattern is very similar to the pink tile that I’ve chosen for the floor of my master bathroom remodel.


Recently I may have acquired a vintage pink sink (more on that to come!) — with hudee ring for my bathroom project, similar to Grandma’s yellowy peach model. And her wood vanity — complete with drawers and stained in a medium color — is along the same lines as I’m planning to build for my bathroom.


I’ve also requested samples of two boomerang laminate countertop designs from Heffrons.com — to consider for the countertop.


While I won’t have room for a tub, I do want to put in a diverter with a “shower hose” to aid in cleaning the shower as well as for washing Leo


If it seems like I am teasing with all this talk (and no show) of my master bath remodel — don’t despair — I’ll soon have an update — complete with mood board and revamped plan — on my decisions over on RetroRenovation.com. Stay tuned!



  1. Okay, if you’re going to do your bathroom remodel right, you gotta have a huge retro scale on the floor. Something teal, perhaps, to contrast with your pink. And chrome… lots and lots of chrome. If you can find one with googie foot pads, all the better.

      • As long as they lie in your favor, then they’re accurate enough!!

        Brought up the subject in the hope you–purveyor of all things mid-mod–would locate a company making them today, and post the link!

        You said you are going mid-mod with a touch of modern, so I’m sure there is a “googie”-influenced (so named after the coffee shop designed in the “atomic” style, which launched the term) line of those around somewhere. Think of “flying toasters”, and you’ll get my drift.

        A good read, this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Googie_architecture

  2. This is your Grandma’s bath?? I am so impressed! what a great little bath – I love it 🙂 Love the boomerang Formica too, and the flooring. And the fishies. Sometimes you can find a pair of Miller chalkware fish on Etsy in pastels and pinks – I almost bought me some 🙂 Looks like you’re on your way – can’t wait to see the mood board!

  3. Pretty! My bathroom has yellow tile similar to your grandma’s. Unfortunately, the owners before us replaced the original flooring when the toilet had a major leak and ruined the subfloor. I bet it was something similar to your grandma’s flooring. Maybe someday I will replace the new stuff with the old stuff again. 🙂

  4. It is so awesome to see this bathroom. I have the exact same tile covering every bit of wall space in my entire mid-century mod bathroom (with turquoise tub, sinks and countertop). However, a good portion of my tub tiles have fallen in and the entire surround will need to be gutted and redone. I’m hesitating on pulling down all the tiles in the bathroom. Could you tell me anything more about this yellow tile – possibly where to get enough replacement for the tub surround? I would love to be able to save the remaining tiles in the bathroom. Thanks! PS I’m in Canada. Charmaine

  5. I love this bathroom! Not only were the main bathrooms in two of my childhood homes tiled in yellow (AND yellow fixtures!), not only has yellow been my main favorite color since I learned to say the word (“lello”), but I’m working on tiling the main bathroom in my current home in yellow! Beautiful, charming bathroom, Kate!

  6. If you want to try your hand at making your own chalkware fish, I bought some mermaid molds from here: http://www.artcove.com/Plaster/Animals5/animals5.shtml
    I haven’t made mine yet but intend to for my bathroom…hope they turn out since I can’t afford the pricey vintage ones. When my husband’s grandmother estate was being cleared out several years ago I asked for her homemade plaster mermaids hanging in her bathroom…they look a bit funny with their rhinestone eyes. 🙂

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