The half bath at my Grandmother’s house is pink. I always liked that bathroom — which is probably why I’ve decided that our master bathroom remodel should be pink. When I think about her little pink bathroom, I always remembered the pink tile, pink towels, pink waste can — but somehow I didn’t remember the pink flowered wallpaper.


I had forgotten how cheery and cute this flowered wallpaper was — and how nicely it complements the pink tiles. What I wouldn’t give for some great pink vintage wallpaper like this for my master bathroom remodel.The poinsettia-like flowers and the varying shades of pink in this pattern are just perfect.retro-pink-bathroom-wallpaper-ceiling

It also slipped my mind that the ceiling was wallpapered — a fun surprise to see.

There are no pictures of the lower half of the bathroom because it was a bit of a mess — definitely not camera ready. For those who are wondering — the toilet and sink are both white. My guess is that at least the sink was originally white because it is a vintage looking wall sink with the chrome feet and built in towel racks — which probably means the toilet was originally white as well.

Isn’t it funny how happy childhood memories of things like couches and bathrooms from Grandparents houses can influence one’s decorating taste later in life?




  1. I dig it! I remember my grandparents’ OLD bathroom (late ’30s-’40s), and their NEW bathrooms (mid ’50s). Am fortunate to be in a new home now–and appreciate the new fixtures–but WOW would it be a kick to have a “new” bathroom made the “old” way!

    So, are you rethinking your choices for your master bath upgrade now?

    • I’m getting so close to being set with my choices for the master bathroom remodel — it started out being modern with a touch of retro and is now more retro with a touch of modern. I have been collecting more “parts” over the last few months and will have an update soon on Retro Renovation — I’ll post a note about it here too! Stay tuned!

  2. That is really fun wallpaper! And I bet there was some corresponding blue flowers somewhere in someone else’s bathroom. 🙂

    Our bathroom was remodeled at some point in (we guess) the 90s so there’s not much history to glimpse. Last summer when we replaced our toilet we saw the original pink tile (not salvageable– it was tiled over by the previous owner). But the one original thing other than the vanity base is the white Kohler sink, so I suspect it was the same combo as your grandmother, pink tile and white fixtures.

  3. I remember every little detail about my grandmother’s house! All midcentury decor and retro furnishings! I even remember the Vargas pinup girl decal she had stuck on her bedroom mirror….I’d study that girl in her provocative outfit and pose and wonder why my GRANDMOTHER had that! lol!

  4. Pretty little pink flowers.My grandmother’s bathroom was an add-on to a farm house. Very practical and not super pretty. I believe my mom was 16 when they added it. I am sure three teenage daughters were ecstatic. I seriously do not understand how they survived without it. I don’t remember any tile or anything pretty. I’ll have to ask my mom.

  5. I think you’re right about that…I didn’t have grandparents but we had a wonderful elderly neighbor who was like a grandmother to us and I vaguely remember the bathroom being quaint & pinkish/rosey like..this being in the early ’60s. Then when I met my future husband’s grandmother and saw her bathroom I thought, “oh, it’s so sweet and rosey cozy” and it brought to mind our neighbor again. So, I guess I have always loved the pink bathrooms & the grandmotherly feel.

  6. My grandparents had one of the first full indoor bathrooms in their town. They had it installed when my mom was a really little girl, so probably around 1940ish. It was all green and my grandmother had these little gold-trimmed mirror trays with all sorts of lotions, perfumes, powders, etc. sitting on them. I used to go in there and try everything, which my dad would later complain about when we were in the closed-up car heading home, ha ha.


  8. oh! and a pink bath! lovely 🙂 It is so nice to see you heading toward doing retro baths with a touch of modern – can’t wait to see all of your collection!

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