Thanks to everyone who suggested that I get some backplates for the kitchen cabinet knobs — they weren’t super easy to find for a reasonable price, but I did manage to find a good deal on chrome kitchen backplates (about $1.17 per backplate including shipping) from HD Supply. I ordered them on Friday and they were delivered Monday, so I installed them right away.


The really great part is that they cover up all the missing paint spots — no touch up needed!


I think they will protect the cabinet from further paint chipping in the three areas that were suffering from chipped paint.


They also up the retro factor in the rest of the kitchen too — a win-win if you ask me!


What do you think about my retro-upgrade?







  1. Not that your kitchen wasn’t adorable before, because it WAS. But the backplates really add a little extra sparkle to the look. I like it! And I’m lazy enough (or at least dislike re-doing projects enough) that I think the solution is a bargain at any price. πŸ™‚

  2. Wow, they go perfectly with the knobs! Hope you don’t mind my saying so, but those back plates make your painted cabinets almost look like metal, instead of wood. Pretty cool, if you ask me.

  3. I think it’s the perfect solution! I saw when that was suggested on your post about it and it made total sense. We got some atomic backplates from Rejuvenation for when we paint our bathroom cabinets (much easier to splurge on them as there are only 4 door handles total!), and I think in general it’s a great appropriate look.

  4. Kate, I didn’t think your kitchen could get any better but those backplates are not only stunning, they truly look like they could have been original to the house.

    I still have the original honey-colored wood cabinets with slightly deco looking chrome grasp handles (just like the ones you see in the Baxter’s kitchen for the first three seasons of “Hazel”) so unfortunately this isn’t an option for me in the kitchen.

    However, all my closet doors are totally flat and without any detail so I can see this adding some much needed vintage style throughout the rest of the house as well as really dressing up the plain jane painted wood closet and laundry chute doors in the bath.

    Thanks for sharing this great idea!


    • Thanks Scott! I really love the new backplates. I do think my cabinets originally had four pointed backplates (before I sanded/painted the worn wood there were a few cabinets that had a faded area that looked like there was once a backplate there). I’m guessing they were originally copper because the cabinet hinges were copper.

      Using backplates on your non kitchen cabinet doors around the house (like the laundry chute) sounds like fun! πŸ™‚

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