I don’t usually like to decorate my Retro Ranch with this type of retro kitchy decor — but something about this poodle (that I lovingly named “the angry poodle”) makes me so happy.


Is it the blank stare, the furrowed brow, the angry frown? I can’t quite put my finger on it, but when I saw this poodle on Ebay, I had to bid. The minimum bid was all that was needed for this mad little fellow to come live with me.


When I told my adorable husband Jim that I bought an “angry poodle” on Ebay, he gave me a puzzled look but seemed okay with the situation. When a large box arrived he became slightly worried and wondered how big the angry poodle actually was (the poodle is about 13 inches tall and was well packaged.)


But when I opened the box and giggled with delight upon seeing the angry poodle, Jim was in agreement — something about this poodle is just too funny and too cool to pass up.


Leo gave the angry poodle a good sniff down and since seems uninterested.angry-poodle-statue

I have no idea when or where this poodle was made, or who made it and for once I don’t care if I ever find out. What I would like to know is — why is this poodle so angry?

Anyone care to venture a guess?


23 thoughts on “THE ANGRY POODLE

  1. I don’t know why he’s angry, but I do think the reason you couldn’t resist getting him was …. the NOSE …. the Bigbee nose! 🙂 Every stuffed animal that we ever brought home from the toy store had THE NOSE! None of us could resist. LOL He is cute in his own way. Maybe he wasn’t pleased with his haircut?????

    • Hmmm maybe he wasn’t pleased with his haircut.

      Think it is the nose? (for those of you who don’t know what a Bigbee is — it was a stuffed bear that I had when I was a kid, made by GUND that had a very similarly shaped nose to this one. I love that bear–still have it in a box in the basement!) I think it might also be the completely round eyes and vacant stare. It is so funny!

      • He looks like he was made elsewhere. Japan, maybe? A grandmother of mine used to work at Grant’s, a former department store in the area. Her home was FILLED with little statues, plates, and knick-knacks that I’m sure she purchased there. She had a little Santa Claus pottery piece that she placed on the top of the banister post on her staircase every year. Had a little red light bulb in it for his nose, and the expression on his face was… how can I say… Asian. It’s that piece that comes to mind when I look at your poodle. It’s almost as if the expression is a “guess” by the painter.

  2. I actually have a blue version of this fella! BUT without the frown….mine is chalkware and it was used as a carnival prize back in the day. It’s also a piggy bank with no hole at the bottom…he has to be smased in order to get the money out! I’ll have to take some shots of it to show you 🙂

  3. Was wondering maybe if there is a cat that runs loose in the neighborhood that the angry poodle can see through the window and he is so angry that he can’t be outside to chase it off of HIS property!

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