If the busy end of the year festivities has you feeling like Leo (we call this sleeping position the super pup) then fear not — a new year has just started. Every year I make my Retro Ranch Revamp Resolutions (7 projects that I’d ideally like to get done in the new year). Before I get overwhelmed with how much work they will take to complete, I reflect on my previous year’s resolutions to see just how much I accomplished in the last 366 days (it was a leap year!).

So, before I unleash my resolutions for 2013, let’s look back at 2012 and see how well I did this year.

2012 Retro Ranch Revamp Resolutions:aqua-retro-kitchen

  1. Paint the kitchen cabinets. Painting the kitchen cabinets was a long and tedious job, but I got it done before the end of February — and it got me noticed by retro blogging queen Pam from Retro Renovation — which (along with more hard work) helped me land my current gig. I’d say we can double check this one off the list!
  2. Replace the remaining old windows in our house. This one required less hard work on my part and more saving of the $$$ — but with some careful budgeting we got the rest of our new windows too. Replacing old windows can be a sticky subject for retro purists — but in our case it was a must do. Our windows were just large panes of glass — some with holes all the way through to the outside where the knobs used to be. Our house feels so much warmer now without a wintry breeze blowing through — and we don’t smell the neighbor’s fireplace smoke inside the house anymore.corner garden with composite edging
  3. Install the edging on the corner garden. Check and check!
  4. Stock the shelves of my Etsy store. I’ll give myself 1/3 credit for this one. I did add some new retro triangle tree ornaments to the shop — I even sold seven out of nine of them — along with the triangle tree painting, but the shelves are in no way “stocked.” This may need to be a revisited goal for 2013.
  5. Make a path from the patio to the victory garden and put in a rain barrel. Due to the extreme heat and dry conditions for most of the summer, this didn’t get done. The yard was dry and hard as a rock — not ideal for digging. I did buy a rain barrel, but when there’s hardly any rain, is it really worth installing it?
  6. Come up with a design for the master bath remodel. This time last year I had no solid idea about what layout, materials or colors I wanted to use in my master bath remodel. I’ve spent countless hours pondering what to do and I have come up with what I like to call the master plan. I’ve finally decided the tile that I’ll be using. I hope to start work on the bathroom in the first few months of this year — my remodel will be showcased on I’m going to call this one accomplished. Stay tuned!guestroom2
  7. Decorate the guest bedroom. This resolution was as fun as I thought it would be — and I have a fabulous retro modern guest room (that has been a big hit with all my guests so far). There are still some final touches to be done, but I’m calling this one a success.

Five and one third out of seven isn’t too shabby — another successful year I’d say. Now for 2013…

2013 Retro Ranch Revamp Resolutions

  1. Remodel the master bathroom. I’ve been planning this one for about two years now and Jim and I have saved up some $$$ designated for this cause. I think it is time to go for it!nomoretree1
  2. Remove the stumps from the side yard and make it look nice. Ever since we bought our house in June of 2010, the side yard has been out of control and overgrown. We had a nice neighbor cut down two of the trees for us, now we need to have the stumps removed and come up with some ideas for what we can do with this plot of land — preferably creating the least amount of additional grass since my adorable husband Jim does not like mowing the lawn…
  3. Build a retro modern TV stand. I’ve wanted to do this for quite a while since our current stand is more traditionally styled than I like. I’ll have to work closely with adorable husband Jim on this one because the TV stand is like a shrine to him — it holds the all important TV and video game systems. We’ll see if we can strike a balance between what I’d like to look at and what Jim would like for his electronics.retro ranch front porch
  4. Repaint the iron work on the front porch. The cool iron post that holds up our front porch has been in need of a paint job since we bought the house. This is a small job, but if I don’t make it a resolution, it may get overlooked for yet another year.
  5. “Clean up” and set up the back patio. Our oval patio in the back yard is in need of some attention. It is long overdue for a good edging job and could use some sort of weed blocking for the cracks between slabs. I’m super excited to get this part of the yard looking nice since the retro red fireplace came to live at our house.
  6. Make a path from the patio to the victory garden and put in a rain barrel. This is a repeat from last year. I’m going to hope that we don’t have another unusually hot and dry summer where little to no progress can be made with the yard work. Fingers crossed!gasket-painting painted by kate
  7. Paint/build/make things for my house as well as my etsy shop. This could also be a repeat from last year’s goal to stock the shelves of my etsy shop — but it is more than that. After my change in employment last year, I’ve found myself feeling so much more creative. Besides doing all sorts of Retro Crafty Christmas stuff for Retro Renovation, I’ve been painting on canvas again — and even managed to paint a portrait of my parent’s beloved cat Gasket (who sadly and suddenly passed away late in the year) as part of their Christmas present. It felt great to paint again and my parents were just thrilled with the finished product. There are lots of blank walls here at the Retro Ranch to fill — some original art would be perfect.

So there you have it folks — my seven Retro Ranch Revamp Resolutions for 2013. It’s gonna be a busy year!

Did you make any house-related resolutions?



  1. mine is to make enough money selling online to replace the egg chair my husband broke and the tulip table my son broke last year. i would also like to paint the ceiling in the kitchen and do more landscaping.

  2. Good luck on all of your 2013 resolutions, Kate! Somehow I have a feeling you will accomplish MUCH in the coming year! Also, I love your cat portrait!!!! You are indeed a woman of many hidden talents. I am so happy we are beginning to see them!!!!

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