Leo’s favorite part of the holiday season is the abundance of paper to shred…


…he made sure to take all that annoying gift wrap off our hands as soon as it is untaped from the boxes.


…sometimes he didn’t even wait for us to get it all the way off our presents!


Of course Leo did get a few presents himself — which is even better than just shredding gift wrap because there are toys inside!opening-gifts

Leo, did you make this mess?


…a likely story.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday — we sure did!


6 thoughts on “PAPER SHREDSTRAVAGANZA 2012

  1. Ah … Leo the Shredder! 🙂 He looks MUCH happier now that the Santa hat seems to be put away for another year. We missed our kitty Gasket around the tree, trying out the wrapping paper by laying down on each piece. 😦 Thankfully we have pictures from year’s past.

    • You know how people sometimes look like their pets? Well I think my adorable husband Jim and Leo “look similar” — not to say that Jim looks like a dog, but they both have unruly hair/fur, big brown eyes, cute expressions, and sometimes I look over at them to find both of them looking at me the exact same way! Silly boys…

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