It dawned on me the other day — while video chatting with Pam — that Leo doesn’t really act like a typical dog. During the video chat, Leo came in to remind me that I was precisely 30 minutes late on starting dinner (he keeps us on a tight schedule) — which is his third favorite part of the day. (First being his daily walk, second being when Jim comes home from work) Pam was quite impressed that Leo tilted his head like he understood me when I asked him if he wanted dinner.

When it is time to make dinner, usually I do most of the cooking while Leo waits around for me to “drop” something that he can have for an appetizer — his favorite — when I chop sweet or green peppers and accidentally drop a few off the cutting board. Leo loves his veggies.

When Leo was a puppy, he was very impatient — he always bothered us when we were trying to eat, begging for anything and even trying to take stuff off our plates when we weren’t looking — so bad! I realized he was worried that there wouldn’t be anything left for him to snack on when we were done eating and that was why he was such a pest. Which lead me to devise a system where, when Jim and I make our plates, we also make a bowl for Leo (unless the dinner is something he can’t have — in which case I’ll cut up a pepper or something to put in his bowl). We use the bowl that he used when he was a puppy — it is small — so we don’t give him too much.


Give me 10 more minutes Leo…


We put Leo’s bowl on the edge of the table and he sits patiently and waits while Jim and I eat our dinner…


We definitely have a hierarchy in the house — I’m the “alpha dog” because I make the food and dish out everyone’s portion. Jim is next since he also has control over food and eats before Leo — then Leo is next since he gets to eat “people food” and Β he thinks he is a person most of the time. Milton and Phil have to duke it out for fourth and fifth in line — though they eat at a different time and don’t eat people food — or at least that is how I think Leo sees it.


Once Jim and I are finished eating, Leo gets his bowl. He usually eats it in less than 30 seconds. Today’s dinner: Chicken chop suey — not Leo’s absolute favorite meal (that would be chicken noodle soup, believe it or not — and no, he doesn’t eat it with a spoon) but high on the list since it contains two of Leo’s favorite ingredients: chicken and rice.


When Leo is done eating, I say, “bring your bowl!” and he picks up his bowl and carries it….


…lightening fast….to the kitchen.


Then he gives me this look — which means, “I think Jim is having seconds, any chance I can get some more?

To which I say, “Go ask Jim.



Then it’s back to the dining room to patiently wait for Jim to eat his seconds before….




Hey Leo, bring your bowl!



At this point, Leo has had enough (at least in my opinion) and he hands me his bowl in exchange for…



All our friends and family think that Leo’s bowl bringing trick is just fabulous — for us, it is something he does every day — just like a good boy.

Does anyone else’s dog bring their bowl to the kitchen sink after they finish eating?






  1. Awww, I love Leo πŸ˜‰ We have three cats and they don’t bring me anything, if they don’t feel like it. They might feel like it and bring me a dead bird, or something, but only if it was their idea. Actually, my two-legged children are the same way, ha ha.

  2. As you know, I have always been impressed with Leo’s “bring your bowl” thing. I brag about that all the time. πŸ™‚ Good boy!

  3. My dogs don’t bring their bowls back since they eat in the kitchen, but just like Leo they sure know how to ask for their dinner! They also cock their heads to the side when you say doggy snack or bacon. I’m pretty sure they think they are one in the same.

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