If you also follow my adventures on Retro Renovation, you may have noticed my first how-to video — make a retro modern yule log centerpiece — was posted over there today. Before I could make my cool yule log centerpiece, I had to go digging in the basement — where there is a box of old holiday stuff that Mom and Dad dropped off a while back. I hadn’t really looked though the box before (they dropped it off in July). While I dug around searching for small ornaments to embellish the yule log project, I found this happy little guy.


Santa arrived early this year at the Retro Ranch. I’m not sure where exactly this jolly fellow came from — I’m guessing he was my Nana’s — am I right Mom?


Funny thing is — he’s holding a pear tree with a partridge on top! If you’ve seen my Christmas tree, you know I have a thing for my zany partridge. The first Christmas I spent out on my own I decorated a small tree with pear ornaments and put my pink partridge on top. That little detail — and this santa’s adorable face — make him a keeper in my book.


I decided he could hang out up on the mantel with the other breakables — safe from Leo’s wagging tail — with part of my collection of glass cone trees. (Note: It is not unusual for Leo to clear the coffee table with a single wag — now if I could only teach him to dust with it…)


Santa even has the beginnings of a tiny mid century neighborhood to visit — but uh oh — no chimneys!



    • The textured tree is one I got from Kohl’s about three years ago in the clearance bin — it is just a wire tree with lots of little shiny bits glued all over it. inside is hollow. I have a tall and a short one — both are silver. The other glass trees were purchased from CB2 several years ago. I have TONS of them — bought most after the season at 65% off. This way, if a few break over the years (already had one casualty last year) I won’t cry about it!

  1. That is so cute! I love ceramic santas and any other Christmas-y folks. I’m going to look through some of my mom’s Christmas decorations when we go there this year and I may bring back my ceramic Santa music box. Oh yes. 😉

  2. You are correct … the Santa was Nana’s. Funny that when I packed it for you I never noticed the pears and the partridge. I guess it was meant to be yours, through me, from Nana. 🙂 So glad you are enjoying it and that it has found a retro home with you guys.

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