Last year — when I was browsing Christmas decorations — I found this awesome snowman light pole cover. One of my neighbors had one and I had been envying it every year since we moved in. I wanted to buy it last year when I found it, but Jim and I have a rule that we only buy either one large Christmas decoration per year (large meaning big or pricey) or a few small things (like garland or stockings) and I had already blown the budget buying our silver tree.


This year when it came time to add a new decoration to the Retro Ranch — the snowman light pole cover came to live with us. I purchased it on black friday, when it was $10 off — which is still pricey for what it is (three pieces of plastic) but I’m already loving it.


I was a little unhappy when I realized my vintage pole was not as big in circumference as the pole this snowman was meant to sit on — like most everything else, new light poles must be bigger than the 1960s version. I rigged it to stay straight with some hunks of foam, but I’m racking my brain for a better solution. Any ideas?


I also put out the oversized Christmas light yard stakes that were my Christmas splurge two years ago. (Note: yes there is still a live plant in my outdoor planter! I have not watered it or done anything to it since the end of October, and we had a week of very cold (in the teens) temperatures, but it is still green and happy looking so I don’t have the heart to rip him out of the planter yet.)


Once darkness fell — around 4:30 these days — I dashed outside to take some photos…


That’s our new snowman decoration Leo…


You’re right Leo…I guess it is a bit weird.

In fact it was nearly 60 degrees today. We walked Leo without coats on. With temperatures like this, I’m guessing no white Christmas again this year. Bummer.


At least I have Mr. Snowman smiling back at me — and everyone who passes by… (he has a face on both sides!)


…it is hard not to feel jolly when there’s a giant, glowing, happy snowman in your front yard.



  1. You might be able to find some PVC pipe which would better match the diameter of the mounting hole of your snowman head, and still slip over your lamp post. Stores like Lowe’s sell short lengths of the pipe, so that you needn’t buy a lot of it. PVC pipe can be cut to length with a hacksaw, a small carpenter’s framing saw, or with a band saw (safety first!).

  2. Howzabout winding a length of fabric around the pole to steady Snowman’s noggin, tying a loose knot and letting the ends drop to resemble a winter scarf? Some inexpensive red material with cartoon fringe cut into the ends would be apropos.

    • Thanks Rebecca! I always try to put my decorations out ASAP — you never know when the temps will take a nose dive up here in the north! It is not fun to put your lights out in a blizzard or when your hands instantly freeze when you walk outside!

  3. That is HILARIOUS, Kate! Love it! What a great decoration for your light pole! Love the sense of humor. I’m about to put the purple Santa hippo out with yard flamingos (with bows around their necks) instead of reindeer … next to my Charlie Brown type decorated tree. hehehehe

    • Glad you like it mid century mom!

      Oh yes, the yard hippo — I don’t think I’ll be able to top that gift this year because honestly, how often do you see something as awesome (to give your mother who collects hippos) as light up christmas yard hippo???? πŸ™‚

  4. So cute! I need one of those, too. We do the same thing as you do – get a new thing every year. This year it was actual string lights to hang on our little porch awning. We have a lot of catching-up to do compared to most of our neighbors that go all out, Griswold style, ha ha.

    • That’s next on our list — The thing is, I really would like white icicle lights for the whole front and side of our house to go along the roofline (since our house is on a corner) but THAT IS A LOT OF LIGHTS! like 100 feet! Maybe I’ll start with one side at a time! I keep looking at end of season sales but icicle lights always seem to be sold out by then…

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