It’s beginning to look a lot like…

What’s that Leo?

Yes, with Thanksgiving over it is getting ever closer to Christmas — or as Leo remembers it — paper ripping extravaganza day.

The Broyhill Brasilia hutch is all decorated…

The retro built in planter is full of green lights…

… and the tree is up.

Sorry Leo, it is just too fun to put hats on you…

The ornaments are all on the tree…

…plenty of atomic shapes and flamingos…

…and my favorite ornament of all time — the “It’s beginning to taste a lot like Christmas” shark ornament that chews on the presents in its mouth when you twist the tail. I got this when I was 10 years old — back when I still wanted to be an ichthyologist.

At the top are the “Leo angel dog” and the very silly looking partridge that my Nana got for me.

I don’t really decorate much of the rest of the house — except for the mantel in the den. I love those pink lights…

Oh hush Leo, don’t make me get out the santa hat again…


18 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like…

  1. You beat me!!! I’ve got the boxes up and waiting to be opened and the aluminum trees assembled… Everything looks great! Leo is so doggone cute in his hat!! And the pink lights look so warm and inviting. I don’t have a mantle so I wonder where I could drape pink lights … Oh, and I LOVE the green lights in your planter! Perfect!!

    • I find if I don’t get the Christmas stuff up the weekend after Thanksgiving, it doesn’t really happen. Too much going on!

      I think pink lights look good just about anywhere — maybe around a window or on top of a china cabinet?

  2. Leo in the Santa hat is SO HILARIOUS!!! He’s a good sport about you putting hats on him for sure. The Retro Ranch looks very festive. This year’s flamingo ornament for you arrived at Christmas in July. 🙂

  3. You should tell your readers that the reason Nana gave you the silly partridge was because of your PEAR “obsession” for a few years …. paintings and then we would give you pears to hang on the tree and pairs of pairs of sock with pairs of pears. 🙂 That was fun.

    • That’s right — I did have a pear collection. My first Christmas tree when I moved away from home was covered with pear ornaments (I still have them in the basement). I told Nana about this and she saw the Partridge ornament while out shopping with you and I believe she said “this is the most ridiculous looking partridge — it is perfect for Kate’s pear tree.” and the rest is history. It always makes me smile — what a silly bird!

  4. LOVE your tree and decorations!

    We no longer have a full-size tree (sad and slow death of an awesome white tree due to not knowing you have to store it in black plastic to prevent it from looking peed-on the next year), but we’ll get one next year for the house. This year we’re going to be out of town and our cat is looney for trees (meaning all our vintage ornaments for it are plastic), so I can’t stomach putting up a tree and taking it down before Christmas. I can’t wait to have a retro tree again next year!

    • Oh dear! I had no idea white trees were so fragile! No one wants a pee tree! Milton and Phil like to try and eat the tree and garland, but I never leave them unsupervised in that room — wouldn’t want anyone to get sick from eating plastic trees!

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