Over the summer Jim and I hosted a party for some of my parent’s friends at the Retro Ranch and we received a lot of lovely hostess gifts — one of which was a gift card for a little something at Pier 1. Since the weather has been somewhat grey and cloudy as of late, I thought it might be a fun little pick me up to do a mini shopping trip to see what I might find for the ranch.


After perusing the whole store there was one thing that seemed destined to come live at my house — this cute little starburst mirror with a gold glitter finish. It was probably the most retro looking item in the store. At the check out, the cashier mentioned that her mom had a mirror much like this one when she was growing up in the 60s — exactly the type of comment I wanted to hear.


I’ve got quite a collection of starburst mirrors now — this is my third one. The first mirror I purchased is in the entryway, the second in the guest room and the third wanted to live in the den next to the starburst clock.


Why put the mirror in here? Well firstly, it might be fun to have a whole collection of starburst mirrors and clocks on this wall someday.

I also like how the mirror reflects my C. Jere metal wall hanging across the room.


Perhaps a new collection is in order. This is a great start to the starburst wall!


14 thoughts on “A BURST OF SUNSHINE

  1. Love your blog, so many great pictures and ideas. And we are so jealous of your Jere birds, we’ve looked to no avail for the bird starburst. I refuse to pay the crazy amounts they want for them. The starburst wall will be fun, we started our own this summer!

      • Here’s our start…we have a great big wall to the right over our fireplace to continue them.

        We have quite the design challenge for your readers too. A very interesting planter inside our front entrance that we hoped to get inspiration from yours.

  2. It looks good there! If I send you a giant starburst candy, will you add it to the wall too 😛 just kidding! I think some mini starburst ornaments are in order now!

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