Since working on the mini putz style ranch house for Retro Renovation, I’ve been in a Christmas crafty mood. This weekend a trifecta of factors aligned that allowed me to create these lovely little trees — I had an idea, I had the materials and there was a Chicago Bears football game on. What does Chicago Bears football have to do with me feeling crafty? Being crafty helps the time go by faster and is a good distraction from the transformation that my adorable husband Jim goes through once the game starts.

My normally calm and collected husband turns into a crazed football fan/referee/coach. He watches the game standing up in constant motion. He yells and comments loudly at the TV. This transformation tends to worry Leo a bit.

retro christmas tree ornament

While Jim is flailing wildly at the TV, I go to my happy place — which is where I created these cute little retro inspired Christmas tree ornaments…

retro triangle-trees-circle

…A whole bunch of them (football games are long) — all that’s left is add some ribbon to hang them with and they’ll be done.

retro triangle-trees

For someone who doesn’t understand the appeal of watching football, making something like these little retro tree ornaments helps me get through the endless games with a smile on my face.

Ummm…sure Leo.




  1. I love the look on Leo’s face in the last pic!!! Hah!! And your little retro trees are really cute! Look at you, getting all Christmas crafty!! Such a cute mod idea!! How about adding a wee bit ‘o glitter?????

  2. I’m with Leo on this one. Us non-sports fans will just never understand. The trees look great too. I’m looking for something to toss on my little aluminum tree I just picked up and something like this could work.

  3. I’m writing completely off topic, although your little retro trees are super cute!! I just wanted to say “thanks” because you answered a question over on RetroRennovation regarding the artwork above your fireplace. More than a year ago, I saw some artwork on a post somewhere that I really liked. I didn’t think to mark it and completely lost track. When I saw your answer and the painting to which the question-asker referred, I knew it was by the same artist. Sure enough, it was Shag and I spent the whole weekend pouring over stuff I found online. I love his work. A lot of it is on the pricey side (at least for my budget, that is) but I found three really awesome postcards on ebay that I’m going to frame and hang in my stairwell. I’ll save my pennies for a bigger print some day. I’m just happy to have a name so I know what to look for now. I had tried to find a name before but it’s hard to search for something or someone when you don’t know what it is you’re searching for exactly 😉

    • Glad I could help! Yes, his prints are quite pricey — I don’t think I’ll be having a huge collection. I’d really like one with mid century houses in it (he had a few that were a view from up on a hill looking down into a subdivision of MCM homes that were really cool — but they sold out fast and they were expensive. I’m hoping to someday find a poster or something!


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