Now that I work from home, I often turn around and find this guy snuggled up and snoozing behind my desk chair. What a loyal coworker.so-tired

Whenever he sleeps in this position it makes me think of a turkey dinner on Thanksgiving.


Look at his back legs! Don’t they remind you of turkey legs?


Does anyone else have a dog that sleeps curled up like this? Tired Leo has many sleeping positions, but this one is by far his strangest.


16 thoughts on “TURKEY DOG

  1. Awww Leo is cute no matter what holiday meal he resembles. lol When I work from home I (somewhat shamefully) admit I usually work on the sofa (this may change when we eventually decorate the den), so my dog curls up next to me. She’s too small to resemble a turkey but she sure is a cute co-worker!

  2. So cute! This is funny, but my 14-month old son (coincidentally also named Leo) sleeps with his legs like this! We call it his “Roast Chicken” position.

  3. Oh my goodness, my shaggy chocolate brown cocker spaniel has some weird sleeping positions, too. She puts her back legs straight out sometimes with her belly to the floor and I call her “frog dog.” Usually that’s when she’s chomping on a toy, not sleeping. My favorite, though, is when she sleeps on her back with her legs all sprawled out, no shame. Even her long floppy ears are laid out. One time I woke up to find her sleeping like this on her dog bed pillow in our bedroom, body sprawled out on the pillow with all 4 legs sticking up, head on the wood floor. I tried to get a photo really quick before she woke up!

  4. My kitties love to sleep while I work from home, usually after trying to mess with my computer. Kiki loves to sleep all tucked up in “Meatloaf” position. She looks ready to drop in a pan….

  5. Hi Kate! I think he sleeps rather like a cat!! Sometimes my kitties are humped up like that, although their back legs aren’t as long as Leo’s. He looks so cute! How sweet he sleeps right there while you work!! Gotta love our petsies!!!!! 🙂

  6. yes! My dog sleeps very similarly to this sometimes. I don’t get it either, and I don’t like it cause she looks weird that way. She’s part border collie.

  7. My dogs have all done weird things, like laying on the couch with the head leaning over the arm where it looks like they just have to be choking themselves! But they haven’t done anything like this – they either curl up in a ball, lay out on their side or lay on their backs with the feet in the air. But my mom’s great dane is a pretzel dog – she lays down with her head going one way and her rump going the other!
    Leo’s cute!

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