I love trash day in our neighborhood — you just never know what you might find. One of my neighbors was throwing away this cool retro-esque plant stand. It even comes with a green metal tin — perfect to catch drips and the perfect size to fit in this stand.


I’m not quite sure why you would want to throw this away (at least give it to Goodwill or something!) but one man’s trash is this woman’s treasure. The timing was perfect as well. I was just brining this plant in for the winter and was unsure where to put it.


Now it has a home on this cool hairpin leg plant stand!


18 thoughts on “ONE MAN’S TRASH…

  1. This is the second time now we have the same thing! I found mine at Goodwill! It is not metal, but metal coated with a plastic, but the same shape and white. Got an orange one outside, too that just a little different. It never hurts to keep an eye on what is being tossed out. Love it!!

  2. I can’t imagine why people put perfectly good things at the curb to be carried to the landfill. I have started listing things that still have some life in them in the free section of Craigslist. They get snapped up immediately, so that helps me, and it helps the other person too.

  3. I can’t even begin to tell you the stuff my husband finds on the sides of the road….the other day he came home with a 1950’s formica kitchen table; don’t need it, but how many people can say you found something like that for FREE! 😉

  4. Our neighbors threw out a perfectly good recliner. We rescued it and it’s now living in our basement. I thought the same thing, though – why not at least donate it? I wrote about it’s rescue here:

    I actually like your planter a lot more than I like the recliner but the recliner wasn’t really for me and some family members, including 4-legged furry ones, love it 🙂 Now, I did rescue a giant concrete frog planter from another neighbor’s trash earlier this summer that has some skeptics, but once I clean and paint Mr. Frog, he’ll show everyone how special he really is.

    • That’s great — just saving one more thing from going in the landfill — and you get it for free. When you are done with the recliner, you can send it to Goodwill or someplace to let it live on. 🙂 Reduce reuse recycle, right?

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