The last tree in our yard to change color and lose its leaves is always the yellow tree in the back by the patio.yellow-tree

I can see the tree from the kitchen window over the sink. When the sun is out and the skies are blue, the tree almost glows a golden yellow.


I’ve been meaning to take some pictures of it for the last few years — and the other day the sunlight and the weather were both cooperating — so I seized the opportunity.


There’s nothing quite like standing under the tree and looking up at the blue sky…


…all of the leaves become one giant mass of saturated color…


Trees like this are why I love fall. I wish this tree looked like this year round — but then I know it wouldn’t be so special during this time of year…


…so I wait patiently until the end of October. This year taking photos to try and pack some color away to bring a glint of gold to the white of winter.


10 thoughts on “THE YELLOW TREE

    • Thanks Rita! There are some parts of our neighborhood with trees that are green, some have no leaves and some still have a few orange or yellow leaves. It must depend on the species of the tree.

  1. Thanks for sharing corner of beautiful autumn. I don’t get to see the fall colors. Your pictorial study brought it to life for me. The yellow is stunning.

  2. Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures of a tree we don’t notice much during the summer, but it is absolutely spectacular now. 🙂

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