Something strange has been going on around here…


…there’s been a series of miniature zombie attacks.


Apparently, zombies love mid century houses full of cool chairs…


They’ve been terrorizing the people who live in the mini ranch houses on my living room wall…


The zombies are even ignoring the household rules — like no standing on the furniture.


Even the usually professional acting corporate zombie is out of line…


Luckily, I’ve been reading an preparing for just such an attack. In all seriousness, these zombies and victims were my adorable husband Jim and my Christmas presents last year from my mother-in-law. She gave Jim the zombies play set and I got the victims play set. I don’t think I (or my mother-in-law) have ever laughed so hard after opening a Christmas gift.


My mother-in-law’s intention was for the zombies and victims to live in my little house shelves — though It took me nearly a yearΒ to move them in.


For someone who isn’t feeling very in to decorating for Halloween this year, setting up these mini zombies in my planter and on the mini ranch house shelves is just what I needed to feel more festive with minimal effort.overweight-zombie

Did I mention these glow in the dark? Spooky!zombies-in-house

The best part about these zombies — they blend in well. It is hilarious when guests take notice of them.






18 thoughts on “ZOMBIE ATTACK!

  1. Kate, they are hysterical and I love them!!! Your “ranch houses” are seriously amazing, and the furniture in them….I don’t know how you ever found anything like them!!!! The zombies are just perfect. It’s like a little movie frozen in time……. πŸ˜€

    • The furniture in my mini ranch houses are Reac Designer Chairs (I bought mine at Japanese gift market about 4 years ago — and they were much less expensive!)

      I do love the mini zombie movie taking place in my living room! Makes me want to watch “Night of the Living Dead” again!

  2. Too funny. My son is obsessed with the zombie show and the zombie books and preparing for the zombie apocalypse. Typical conversation: Son, “That would make a good weapon the the zombie apocalypse.” Me, “Uh huh.” I will see if I can find these online. GREAT stocking stuffer.

  3. I am on a roll…a blog roll to add lots of vintage, retro, collectibles blogs to my blog roll and ask others to add my blog Kitsch n Stuff to their blog rolls.

    Is there anyway you could ask your blog friends if they would like to participate? THANKS


  4. You can find them both on Amazon, I just picked up a set of each! Zombie Playset and B-Movie Victim Playset by Accoutrements. Both around $20.00 each (free shipping for Prime members!) Thanks for the “killer” halloween decor idea! πŸ™‚

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