It was supposed to (and it did) rain and storm all weekend. Which is why I’m glad that on Friday, Jim and I took Leo for a long walk in the sunny, but cold weather to enjoy the colors of fall.



All of us had a great time…


…especially Leo.

When we got back home, it was time to take down the Tiki Lounge. I’ve been packing up the cushions, tiki masks and other odds and ends, but we still needed to take the porch screens down and put the outdoor couch in the garage ceiling.

Taking down the porch is easy — all around the porch, the screens are hooked on to the main posts with clips. All we had to do was unclip the clips, pop the screens out and put them in the garage.

Here’s what it looks like with the end screens missing…

…and here it is with the fence in place and all the screens out.

On one side, the fence bolts into the garage wall (we screw nuts on the bolt that sticks through to the inside of the garage which holds it in place).

On the other side, the fence connects to the rest of the chain link fence that surrounds the back yard.

This way, when the porch is down, Leo can’t escape the yard.

With the porch screens down, this side of the house looks very green — since I painted the Tiki Lounge last spring. I wonder how vibrant the green will look in the winter with snow all around it.

With the porch screens down and fence up, the next task was getting all of these pieces of our outdoor sectional up into the garage ceiling. It took us a while to figure out how to get the two new pieces up there, but just before dark we finished up our outdoor chores.


The last item on the agenda was bringing in the plants. Luckily, that hairpin leg table my Mom brought me over the summer fits perfectly by the front door and holds two of the plants that spent the summer on the front porch.

Hopefully — since it rained all weekend — the week will be nice. Then maybe I can finally get some raking done and of course a few other last minute chores before the cold and wintry weather sets in. Why does fall always seem so short?


16 thoughts on “FALL CHORES

    • The screens are framed in wood that is painted and they are the original frames so we want to save them from the winter. Since the wood screens sit right on the concrete when they are in, they would be sitting in moisture all winter with snow, ice, melting and refreezing. I don’t want to subject them to that torture — especially since they have been brought in every year since the house was built in 1962! Also blowing snow sticks in screens, which would make it hard for us to see the road from the back window.

      • No problem! I’m sure you don’t have to do that kind of stuff much in the Nashville area — my parents live down there too and if they had my porch, I bet they could leave their screens up all year round…

        I’ve also put my Mom on watch for some of those cool “hoop like” chairs you found (and wrote about on your blog a few days ago) We don’t have any of those stores up in Wisconsin! I might need some of those chairs! 🙂 If Mom can find them she’s going to bring me some when next they visit….

  1. I know, I know! Being from the Midwest originally. Snow and ice bash the heck out of screens and ruin/break them. Therefore you take them down. Right? Your fall pictures are utterly fantastic. We don’t get to see that here in Southern California at all. Fall is such a beautiful season. Enjoy!

  2. Amazing! This post is making me wonder whether we could create a similar ‘two-season’ room somewhere outside our house. We have very basic, sturdy outdoor furniture (some of which we almost always have to keep covered) on our deck. I wonder whether it might be better to put up a simple roof and screens and have a bit nicer furnture and just plan on moving the deck furnishings into the attic when the winter is colder. We don’t use the deck in the winter anyway.

  3. You’re right – fall always seems short. It’s my favorite season, too. We live in OH and have the same winterizing issues. Everything has to go inside or at least in a protected place if you want it to last very long. Our neighbor doesn’t use his shed and offered the space to us to store our new patio furniture for winter. That’s a super nice offer that we’re definitely going to accept.

  4. Well you made me feel a little better about not really having a true fall season here in Tennessee. My “winterizing” consists of getting a long sleeve t-shirt out!

  5. Boy, I wish my screens were that easy to pop out! Do you have that piece of fence sitting somewhere during the summer and just slide it in and fasten it to the wall when winter comes? And you’re right – fall, the most beautiful season, is far too short!

    • You are exactly right — the piece of fence is in the garage all summer and then we bring it out in the winter and put the screens in the garage. It is a great system.

      Fall is way too short! Why are all the other seasons so long?

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