Somebody really loves to look out the front window…

…it just so happens that the window frame is the perfect height for a chin rest.

Just hanging around watching squirrels, people and other dogs go by…

…that’s Leo’s idea of a good time.


10 thoughts on “THE PERFECT CHIN REST

  1. Leo is so cute and dear — and lucky to have his loving family and comfy home. My dogs (7! but I am a bit of a rescue nut) love to watch our little, quiet cul-de-sac from the front window. When a squirrel scurries by and out of sight, they all race to the backyard to hunt for him. By my dogs’ logic, that makes sense — the back yard is the “rest of the world” as they know it, so the squirrel MUST be there!

    • Wow — I can’t imagine having 7 dogs! There must be times of chaos! 1 dog and 2 cats are about as much as I can handle here…

      You’re right. Dog logic is — if it isn’t out the front window, it must have gone around back… 🙂

  2. How sweet! Looks like Leo’s got the perfect perch! My dogs and my mom’s dogs have always found interesting chin rests, too! Must be a dog-thing, especially when the chin rest chosen looks hard and uncomfortable!

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