There isn’t much time left in the season for yard work — other than raking leaves of course — but some itty bitty shrubs on the end of season clearance sale caught my eye. I have been pulling weeds and raking up pine needles and I know just where these little guys could live…


…so I adopted them and brought them home to the Retro Ranch.come-over-here

Once they were planted in a nice little row, I made sure to water them really well — especially since it has been a very dry year. Leo is ok with the digging and planting parts, but isn’t a fan of water, can you tell?not-gonna-spray-you


The shrubs are little now, but will grow to be 3-4 feet wide and 8-10 feet tall when fully grown — gradually creating a nice bit of privacy for the yard.



This part of the yard has changed quite a bit in the last year. Below is what it looked like last July:

I’m gradually getting it under control. The removal of the two crazy pine trees over the summer helped a lot — along with many many hours of weeding and still much more work to go. Over the winter I’ll have to come up with a plan so when spring comes, I’ll be ready to whip this part of the yard into shape.


…but until then, these little guys are planted in their new home.itty-bitty-shrubs

Now all I have to do is take down the screened porch — which will happen next weekend. Till then, stay tuned!


10 thoughts on “ITTY BITTY SHRUBS…

  1. Did the store have another “child” who needed to be adopted? if so, I’d opt to purchase another plant to achieve an odd number of 5 plantings. Perhaps this is just my bias and evidence that my landscaper has brainwashed me.

    • I think you are right GregT, groupings of odd-numbered things are more pleasing to the eye. However, in my case I will be adding much more to this part of the yard — so I am not sure if I will need 5. If I do, it is always easy to go get another one and plant it. I think only time will tell!

    • They are emerald green thujas (arborvitae). I think when they turn brown they are either under or over watered. If you haven’t been watering them, I would check to see if the soil at the base of the shrub is dry and if so, give em a good soak!

  2. i remember those shrubs from my childhood home in NJ. they grew quite tall and my dad called them his “soldiers” guarding our house. i hope they keep your house well too.

  3. Looks great. I bought some of those when I purchased my home three years ago. They grow quickly if you water properly! Enjoy!

  4. I think those are baby pyramidal arborvitae, aren’t they? They will grow big and give you privacy for sure in a few years. Ours in PA did. The mention of five shrubs instead of four made me think that you could plant the fifth one to the left where the wood pile is just after the fence turns if you so desire. I’d be happy to work on your plan for that area if you want. 🙂 You know how I LOVE plants! The ones you just planted are very cute.

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