vintage retro-record-stand

One of my neighbors has been cleaning out their basement and I just happened to walk by when they were getting ready to take a load of stuff to Goodwill. This neighbor knows I’m a fan of retro decor and asked if I might be interested in this vintage metal record stand. I’m not one to let a cool piece like this head off to an uncertain future at the thrift store, so I offered to adopt it. I have a tendency to bring home stray furniture — sorry adorable husband Jim!


The top of it has the same stamped metal design as my hairpin leg table...

vintage metal record stand detal

I’m loving this gold starburst detail!


I don’t have any records — or a record player — so I’m not sure exactly what to do with this. One thing is for sure though — It is one cool piece.

Any ideas on what I could do with this fun retro metal record stand? 



48 thoughts on “RETRO RECORD STAND

  1. I have this table’s little brother! Maybe mine is a telephone table? Sadly, it’s missing the starburst on one side. I got it at an estate sale a few months ago.

  2. Would books tilted to their corners (if that makes any sense) work in those slots on the lower rack? If they were the right size? I love that it’s on wheels!

  3. i used to have a huge collection of thrift store records. i would collect them for the artwork. i like vintage records with space themes or tiki themes like les baxter. its fun to hunt through records at the thrift store. i also have a collection of vintage electronics. i have vintage 8 track players that look like TNT dynamite. A tv that looks like a space helmet. a record player that looks like a flying saucer. you might want to collect them too.

    take a look at my collection

  4. The starburst detail is for sure the highlight! I think it would make a wonderful file folder holder for your office…… not to mention providing a reason to search for another nifty office related thing for the top.

  5. What if you folded towels and put them in the slots on the bottom and put it in your guest room with some soaps, toothbrushes and a notebook. My mom has a table like that in her guest room and she asks people who stay at the “bed and breakfast” to leave a little note of when they visiting and how their stay was 🙂

  6. Love the gold details! It looks like it is in great condition. It might make a cute wet bar on top and you can start a collection of fun vintage records for display on the bottom.

    You have such good luck with your neighbors!

  7. Dad and I have some “vintage records” – think they are still in PA, not sure … don’t think your Golden Book records that I brought you this summer would work in those slots. ….. I was also thinking books would work.

  8. The black rod and that little gold medallion on the sides reminds me of a black metal rod bookshelf that was with my parents in their first apartment and now I have it! Three open wire shelves – the bottom one flat to lay, say coffee table books or game boxes on, and the top two shelves tilted, maybe for paperbacks, although I’ve kept regular books on it, too.

      • It is! But now I have a question for you. I was looking closely at it after I read your post and the starburst is just about exactly like yours! However, it is really, really dulled. Do you suppose I could bring back the gold sheen with something like Brasso? Or is it something I may have to paint over in gold? What would you do? Thanks, Jan

      • Hmm that’s a tough one…I looked at mine and I think it is probably aluminum coated with some sort of brassy top coat. I might try painting it with some sort of gold paint. Good luck!

  9. Is it weird that I have records but no record player? Haha. Everyone already suggested what I was thinking, but it is an awesome stand. I think it’s cool that they still make stuff made of black rod like CD and DVD racks. (Even if they are not quite as cool as the vintage stuff.) It’s a timeless look though!

  10. I use five wire racks in my home for storage and display. I had my local glass shop cut 1/4″ glass to fit the top shelf so if I place a plant there the water won’t drip on cookbooks, magazines, etc that I store under them. It also provides a more even surface for smaller knick-knacks to be displayed. Pocket folders could be placed in the record storage slots. I clip magazine and newspaper articles and place them in folders and have a neat rack for them, but your rack looks like it would work well.

  11. I just picked up a similar stand last weekend at an estate sale. Mine still has the snowflakes but not the wheels and is a plant stand! Maybe put this out on the tiki porch with a planter on top and magazines on the bottom? Probably won’t get much use out of it anytime soon but it would look super cute next spring!

  12. I just bought one just like this at a local thrift shop. I had planned on using it in the kitchen to store baking/cookie sheets in the record slots. The little “handle area” on each side would be perfect for a tea towel or some S hooks to hold other kitchen do-dads. The little shelf could hold deeper pans or pie pans. I also LOVE the printer and files idea that was mentioned above so now I have to decide which to do OR find another one. HAHA! Thanks for sharing!

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