retro-fish-drinking-glasses libbey

During my last trip to the thrift store, I happened upon a whole school of fish…

retro-fish-glass-close up

Some were large, and some were small…


…some were turquoise and some were metallic silver…but all of them were retro cool.


I probably need more drinking glasses like I need another hole in my head, but I couldn’t leave these little guys out in that big ocean of a thrift store to fend for themselves…


So I brought them home to swim around in my Broyhill Brasilia hutch for a while.

We’ll see if these guys are going to be catch and release, or if they’ll stay in my pond for a while.



  1. Kate, me thinks you should be hitting up some estate sales as well. You can find some great retro goodies that people’s kids don’t want to deal with from their parents’ estates. Cute find!

    • Hi Nicole,

      I do hit the occasional estate sale. Sometimes I get lucky and other times nada. I haven’t been to one in a while but I’m always on the lookout for “good” ones. 🙂 Sometimes they can be really competitive!

  2. I love your new glasses=love the retro pattern! I’m like you, when I see something awesome, I can’t NOT get it, even though I might not NEED it. So, some of my wonderful retro glasses are in twosies. As long as I can find space ANYWHERE, I guess I’ll keep getting awesome bargains!!!! LOL

  3. You can also find them under “atomic fish” for obvious reasons. I inherited one lonely cordial glass from my grandmother…I haven’t gotten any more cordials, but he has at least be joined by several juice glasses. ( they remade this pattern more recently, but instead of the platinum, they just used the black…not nearly as sparkly)

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