By now, I’m sure a lot of you have already read all about my new gig — Managing Editor (and graphic designer) at Retro Renovation. I’ve got to say, I really love working for Pam. She’s a great boss, I enjoy writing about all things retro and I love that every day is different. I just never know what Pam is gonna throw my way —  but it keeps the job interesting.

I’ve landed my dream job. I can work from home (with help from my assistant Leo of course!), write volumes on one of my favorite subjects, and continue to share my view of the world and the projects I’m working on. Don’t worry, even though I’ll be writing a whole heck of a lot of stories over on Retro Renovation, I’m still going to write this blog too. It will be a place where I can document all that happens at my own Retro Ranch, what’s going on with Leo (of course) and all the other fun stuff I’m up to.

To all of you who are new visitors, Welcome — look around — take the house tour — get to know us! And to those who have been with me from the start, thanks for reading — can you believe I’ve gotten this far?

There have been a few comments on Retro Renovation about Leo’s obedient pose in our feature picture. Let me set the record straight — it was not easy to get such a good shot of both of us at the same time! (Big thanks to adorable husband Jim for manning the camera!) It took many treats and a little coaxing.

Below are the outtakes:



leo afraid outtake


More great things to come — stay tuned!

*Disclaimer – No dogs were hurt (or sawed) during this photo shoot. Many treats were paid as reward. Leo is one happy dog.


5 thoughts on “MY NEW GIG

  1. Love your new gig, Kate! And I have to laugh at Leo’s expressions….he probably wondered what in the world you were up to! LOL Looking forward to all of the fun stuff you and Pam are going to provide!!! “)

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