fred press glass dish

What’s the last thing you might expect to find at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore? Might it be a retro-tastic aqua and metallic gold serving dish like the one above? I was nearly in shock when I discovered this awesome Fred Press glass treasure sitting alongside a bucket of nails and some old door knobs at my local ReStore.


I’m surprised that it was still in once piece. Guess they don’t make ’em like they used to. I admit, the colors and pretty gold metallic drew me in, but the voluptuous shape of the dish and the fun flower graphics made me want to take it home — well that and the bargain basement price.


I foresee this dish filled with tasty snacks at my next party…

vintage pink elephant shot glass

…in fact, I think the ReStore wants me to have a party. Why else would it serve me up a shot glass with a sense of humor?

pink elephant shot glass retro

This vintage pink elephant shot glass had a friend (another shot glass that said “bottoms up” with a funny retro graphic) but sadly it must have gone bottoms up one to many times because it had a huge chip in the rim. I always go into the ReStore looking for retro building materials and somehow I always come out with furniture and housewares!

You just never know what you’ll find at the ReStore!





  1. I seriously need to go the ReStore in our town. They have some weird hours and we’re a one-car family, since I work from home, so it’s not the easiest for me to get there. But, I must make an effort to plan some time to go because everyone finds such fabulous things. I LOVE the dish and the shot glass. Great finds!

  2. that plate is gorgeous kate! i didn’t know who fred press was but now i have about 20 more items on my ebay watch list. whoops.

    i’ve gone to my restore several times now and haven’t found anything good. so i tried the one in downtown atlanta (i’m in the suburbs) thinking maybe they would have older buildings nearby, etc. but not much there either. they had some decent furniture but i was shocked at the prices! some of the light fixtures they had were hundreds of dollars.

    • Hi Natalie!

      Fred Press made some cool stuff! Sorry to add to your retro obsessions list!

      It is too bad that your local ReStores haven’t had anything great, I noticed the same thing when I was in TN visiting my parents and checked out their ReStores…Maybe it depends on the area of the country you live in?

  3. I got here from RetroRenovation. Long time subscriber there even though I am more into 1900’s decor. I would do a 1940/1950 kitchen if I had a newer house. Love those colors and just the way those kitchens look. I had found the wall paper from my childhood kitchen but after I saw the price I decided paint would be a better choice.

    Our ReStore has just started carrying furniture and a tiny bit of glass. Since glass water glasses don’t bounce I’ve been buying any that I find if they’re less than 75 cents. I used to get them for a quarter! I have a great second hand store about 30 miles away but not many water glasses any more. Even Salvation Army doesn’t have the selection they used to have and their prices are not bargains.

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