cats in window

It is no secret that any chance Phil and Milton get, they will be sitting in front of the picture window.

When they watch the world go by, it is almost like a dance — see a squirrel — run to the left. See a butterfly — pounce!


And sometimes they sit still enough to let me snap a non-blurry photo of them. Milton is looking rather devious in this shot…


…and Phil looks angelic (they are exactly opposite at the vet!) Now you know what Phil looks like when he isn’t wearing a tie.

Awww…the brothers.



    • Hi Rebecca,

      Milton and Phil are much more camera shy than Leo — they are probably ok with getting less press, but it never hurts to give them a little here and there to know they are loved too! 🙂 You have cute kitties too!

  1. Half-bro Gasket sends his best wishes to Milton and Phil. He catches the bunnies they watch (unfortunately). Nice to see them on your blog. 🙂

  2. Milton and Phil! The last time I think I saw a picture was when your basement flooded and they were up on those boxes. For some reason since then I’ve pictured them in my mind still up there lol! Glad they are out and about looking out the window 🙂

    • ha! I’m glad to report that Milton and Phil are not still trapped in a flooded basement! They like to hang out down there though, when Leo is inside because Leo won’t go down the stairs. It is their safe haven. 🙂

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