welcome to the yard

welcome to the yard

I asked Kate if I could give the yard tour, since I am the guard dog around these parts. Here’s the yard tour — by me — your host, Leo.

retro ranch house

We’ll start in the front yard — not the most exciting part since Kate is still working on the landscaping and I’m not allowed to run around out there without my leash on…

weeds in the side yard

I really wish Kate would pull some of those weeds, they obscure my view of the street from the back yard. How can I tell what I’m barking at if I can’t see it?

retro ranch front porch

Here’s the front porch. It is only good for one thing — it is where the pizza delivery guy drops off the pizzas. Sometimes somebody else will show up — without pizzas — then I bark and they leave. No pizzas, no waggy tails. End of story.

front of retro ranch

See that big window? It is a great place to sit and watch bunnies and squirrels go by, or my neighborhood dog friends.

retro house with built in planter outside

Kate always says how much she likes the built in planter out there. I don’t understand why she likes it so much — it isn’t like it is full of Milkbones or anything….

roman brick

Kate wanted me to point out the cool brick on the house. She thinks it is called Roman brick.

corner garden

Kate is also a big fan of this corner garden she put in last year. Once again, I don’t see the allure. She won’t even let me water it!


Kate has been spending a lot of time weeding this side of the yard. It was really nice of our neighbors to cut down those big trees that were blocking my view of the street. Now I can see everything on this side of the yard!

retro ranch screened porch

There’s the screened porch — a.k.a. the Tiki Lounge. I like to hang out in there and eat hamburgers and steaks fresh from the grill during the summer. It is also a good place to take a nap.

c'mon back

Now for the best part of the yard — the part I hang out in all the time!

pavers installed

Kate finally finished up putting in the pavers — though if you ask me, I much preferred the dirt…

…though I will say that it turned out very nicely.

let me show you around

And now for the main event…

screened porch

retro oval patio

Look at how much room I have to run around!

retro oval patio

The retro oval patio is a good place to use the meat cooker — also known as the grill.

feet dirty

This back corner of the yard is where I chase the squirrels and get my feet dirty. Kate loves to wash the floor so I try and help her out by making it muddy again.

did you see a squirrel

Here’s the raised bed victory garden…

raised bed victory garden

…it is a great place to grow veggies. (Veggies are a tasty compliment to the meat Kate cooks for me on the grill.)

raised bed victory garden

weedy side yard

There’s that weedy side yard that Kate really needs to clean up so my view of the street improves…

weedy side yard

She’s got a lot of work to do!

I hope you all enjoyed the tour of my yard! Come back again soon, unless you are a squirrel or a bunny. Woof.


8 thoughts on “YARD TOUR – BY LEO

  1. Leo was the perfect “person” to do the yard tour. 🙂 Hope he got an extra treat and pet for that stellar work. The side yard next to the driveway is looking better each time I see it.

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