hall to office

Its finally time to wrap up the house tour! The final room on this tour needed some serious tidying up before you could peek in — this seems to be the room that catches all the stuff! Now that it is presentable, let’s take a look…

orange and mint green office

Now that I work from home, the office is where I spend the majority of my waking hours. This is fine with me because the office gets very good light throughout the day and I love the color scheme (probably since orange is my favorite color).

retro basset desk

Remember when I scored this retro Basset desk on Craigslist? Now it has a nice home in my office! That series of three abstract paintings was a gift from a friend of mine (that I met in art school) whose son painted it just for me! And see that framed poster?

hatch show print

My Mom bought that poster for me in Nashville, TN at Hatch Show Print (it is a letterpress print — which the graphic designer side of me just adores!) and then had it framed for my office. I love it!


Then there is the painting of my grandfather that I have been working on for quite a while now — or not working on. It is really close to being finished but not quite done yet. Maybe I’ll try to finish it up this weekend?

art studio

This is the part of the office I call the art studio. There is plenty of room to work on the huge drafting table (another Craigslist find) and of course paint on the easel I received for Christmas a few years ago. The only thing holding me back is finding the time to paint!

orange chair and table

I do find plenty of time to sit in my orange thinking chair and contemplate blog posts, home improvement projects or just to take a break from looking at the computer.

jims desk

Of course my adorable husband Jim has a desk to work at — err play computer games at — even if it is quite messy most of the time. That’s his amp at the end of the desk. He’s carted that around ever since I met him, but I have yet to see him use it or use any of his bass guitars. It makes me feel less bad about not finishing my painting…

office closet

This room also has two nice big closets! I’ve never seen a house with so much storage space! (FYI these are both full — that’s where we keep all the junk).

hallway to LR

And that concludes our tour of the Retro Ranch Revamp! I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour!

New Features

On a side note…if you haven’t noticed already, I’ve added a house tour tab at the top of the main navigation bar for the blog — along with an FAQ page and a How to/Repairs tab that contains some of my most informative and popular project posts. Enjoy!





22 thoughts on “HOUSE TOUR – OFFICE

  1. Hadn’t seen the finished/framed Hatch Show print … turned out well and looks nice in that room. 🙂 Enjoyed the tour, even tho I have been there … nice to see it anytime I miss seeing you.

  2. Love the office! Your house it totally you, but your office reaallly screams you 🙂 Mike wants to know if Jim plays Guild Wars 2 on that computer 😉

  3. I loved looking through your beautiful home! Thanks for opening your doors! May I ask where you got the atomic print in your hallway? Looks great!

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