broyhill brasilia bedroom set

As the house tour continues, let’s take a peek into the master bedroom. This is where my Broyhill Brasilia bedroom set lives — and where I dream up all my projects, paint schemes and yard improvements. I’m one of those types that does a lot of thinking while I’m trying to fall asleep. I keep a notebook next to my bed to scribble down the good ideas to make sure I don’t forget overnight.

broyhill brasilia bedroom set

When we bought our retro ranch, all the carpeting in the bedrooms and hallway had just been replaced. We aren’t big wall to wall carpet fans — mostly because of the dirty dog we live with — and hope to someday put down hard surface flooring like cork in place of the carpet. Until then, I suppose I’ll have to keep scrubbing the spot at the end of the bed where Leo sleeps because somehow he always gets it dirty!

retro bedroom set broyhill brasilia

broyhill brasilia nightstand commode

When I started collecting the pieces for my Broyhill Brasilia bedroom set, I was able to find everything except the second commode style nightstand…

broyhill brasilia nightstand commode

…then about a year later, I finally completed the set and found my missing broyhill brasilia nightstand!

view of victory garden

What’s that just outside the bedroom window? Why my raised bed victory garden of course! We can peek outside in the morning when we wake up to see if we will have ripe tomatoes for dinner!

retro master bedroom and bath

There’s the other green chair (with a lower back) I was talking about! It’s the perfect place to sit and put on shoes — if we feel like being like Mr. Rogers.  And what is that? Yup, it’s my master bathroom — still waiting to be remodeled.


You may ask, “What are those photos in the frames by your bathroom door?” Those are the photobooth photo strips from when my adorable husband Jim asked me to marry him. (How do you think he got his nickname as “adorable husband”?) Remind me and I’ll tell you about it sometime…


I have a whole laundry list of reasons why I want to remodel my master bath over on Retro Renovation


…but we won’t get into that now. I’m still in a gridlock trying to decide exactly how my floor plan and design will come together to make the retro modern master bathroom of my dreams. So far about all I’ve decided on is that it will be light pink!


Right now it is peach and mauve — not my favorite colors. I think this is the only room in the house that I’m not in love with — both because of the design and the functionality…


…however, I’m not going to demo a single thing until I have a plan that I feel satisfied with 100%…


…I’m hoping I can get it nailed down soon so I can start with the renovation in early 2013. Fingers crossed!

We’re nearing the end of the house tour — only one more room to go! Tune in next time for the dramatic conclusion!



  1. You have the best taste girl! I love love love…LOVE…the Brasilia line!!! i am currently looking for the buffet, gentlemens chest and 2 commode style nightstands exactly just like you have!!! the jewel box mirror and lingerie chest are on my wish list too (actually have never seen these pieces outside the brochure, but they look so groovy!!!)!

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