ranch house hallway

As promised, we’re now continuing our house tour by investigating what’s down the hall…


Our first stop is peeking into the minty green hall bathroom


For how small this bathroom is, there sure is a lot of storage. The vanity (I’m not sure if it was original or not) has 6 drawers and two doors, which makes for plenty of room. There are also narrow cabinets along the top of the back wall for extra storage. Currently, they are empty — is there such a thing as too much storage space?



The toilet is newer…I’m guessing the original was mint green. All the toilets in our house were replaced prior to us moving in, so I can’t be sure. See that cool seagull painting over the toilet? That was painted by my Mom in her college days. It used to hang in my Nana’s house in Mississippi — in her yellow and mint green hall bath. History repeats itself!

retro mint green tub

I am in love with the original tub! It used to have a shower door that was very icky and made the shower seem very claustrophobic — that was until I got the urge to remove my old shower door and hang a curtain instead.

retro mint green tub


Next we’re on to the guest bedroom

Orange bedroom retro

This guest bedroom looks a lot different that it did this time last year — mostly thanks to my guest room makeover last winter and a few lucky finds from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

retro bedroom

I’m still on the lookout for a new lampshade for the vintage lamp I found and rewired — but it sure looks good on that end table I picked up for about $7!

vintage green chair broyhill sculptra

retro green chair

Then there’s the reproduction Nelson style ball clock that I found at HomeGoods of all places, and it looks great hanging over my retro green chair.

broyhill sculptra

retro guest room

Thanks to my large Broyhill Sculptra dresser and a large closet, this room isn’t hurting for storage either.

By the looks of Leo peeking into the room, it might be time to pause the tour and go for a walk…

Stay tuned — still more to come!



  1. Sheesh, your house is big compared to mine! My house tour would be over by now. 🙂 The mint green tiles remind me of my grandma’s house. Hers are red but are still there after a full remodel of her house. I guess she couldn’t give them up! I have the same problem finding lampshades for my lamps. I put some IKEA ones on mine and they look weird because they sit up too high.

  2. In answer to your questions, NO there cannot be such a thing as too much storage. Our roof is flat (no attic) and we live in California so no basement. Very small two car garage. We are constantly figuring out ways to add storage. Or throwing things away, or selling things, or giving them away. Which is probably okay.

    • I suppose you are right about the storage Rebecca — our last house didn’t have much and we were always trying to find ways to have more storage. Now we have the opposite problem, which is a great problem to have!

  3. i have the same square white tiles in my bathroom. i want to know what do you use to clean your tiles? i am having trouble keeping the white tiles and grout clean in my bathroom. thanks for the pics and advice.

    • Hi Vanessa,

      I’m having the same problems you are! The grout is very stained in certain areas and I’ve tried all sorts of things trying to get it clean with little luck. We don’t use the shower much so I think that helps keep it clean but I know someday it will get much more use and then I’m not sure how I’ll handle it! If I come across anything that works well, I’ll let you know! You might also want to look around — Pam might have some solutions….

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