When we last left off, we had just toured the entry and den. Let’s continue from the den into the kitchen…


The kitchen didn’t always look this nice. Those of you who’ve been reading my blog since before last January remember what it used to look like before I painted the cabinets and installed a new range hood and stove top.





The framed butterfly on flower print is a wood block print I made in art school.



Not only is there a nice closet right by the back door, but also a full bathroom (though we use the shower as a closet) and first floor laundry! Having first floor laundry makes doing the laundry so much easier! I had to navigate some precarious stairs to get to the basement laundry area in my old house — the worst I have to navigate now is over a sleeping border collie mix! Plus when I come in from doing yard work, I can just dump all the dirty clothes right inside the door and leave the mud tracking to the guy who does it best, Leo.


All the appliances in the kitchen are either red or stainless steel (closest thing to chrome!) except the dishwasher and wall oven — both of which still work perfectly fine and I see no need to swap them for stainless until they quit being functional. Luckily there is some black in the kitchen (pink and black table and some black decorative accents) so they don’t look too terribly out of place.


I leave my giant wood cutting board (one of my favorite kitchen utensils) out all of the time — we eat a lot of fresh veggies in this house!



I love this new but retro looking stove top…plus I managed to sell the old glass cook top and over cabinet microwave on Craigslist to help offset the cost of the new stuff!


The coppery glass tile backsplash was hard to decide on, but I love the sparkle it brings to the kitchen.


From the kitchen table, you can see the Tiki Lounge (aka our screened porch)…


I just painted it this year…and let me tell you, the green and orange walls make it feel so much more lively!


I also finished acquiring the last of the IKEA “outdoor sofa” pieces that we wanted to make sure we could seat a crowd!


The Tiki Lounge is everyone’s favorite place to hang out during the summer and my favorite place to sip a cocktail and read a book.

Stay tuned — there’s much more house tour to go!




  1. Your kitchen is so bright and cheery! I like the mint green and red. I hear you about the laundry room. Our house is a two-story and the washer and dryer are in the lower level/garage. A lot of times I totally forget about the laundry I am doing because you cannot hear the buzzer up here. Oops. 🙂 And of course I love all the Tiki stuff! I have the coolest Tiki fountains that I got at the drug store of all places. Haha. They were on clearance for only a few dollars each.

    • Thanks Natalie!

      I love the kitchen cabinets now too – now that they are painted. They were quite worn and chipped prior to painting and they looked dirty. The new paint job allowed me to patch the chips, smooth everything out and make it look minty fresh! Now I love them!

      The Tiki Lounge is the “it” place in our house in the summer!

  2. Your porch really did come out so great! Of course, I -love- your kitchen and am slightly envious. It’s essentially the same shape as ours but the more sensible version (in structural ways we couldn’t change over time). A little wider in the eat-in area so you can put the table sideways and have enough room for bar stools at the peninsula, and the hall door is in a place that doesn’t practically bump you into the fridge walking into the kitchen. Plus you have cabinets that extend to that wall at the left of your fridge, ours is open presumably because of clearance to the door, and had a cabinet upper in a goofy place to the right of the stove but no lower cabinet (presumably again, so you can actually walk into the door). Once we paint and decorate, I’ll have to show you some photos. 🙂

    • Hi Vanessa!

      I got my new cabinet hardware from Home Depot. It is a mini variety of the original knobs that I have in the laundry room. You can see them on the Home Depot website here: Liberty 1-1/2 in. Concave Round Cabinet Hardware Knob

    • Hi Michelle,

      Thanks! Since I was replacing an existing cooktop, it was not too hard to install the new one myself — though I come from a long line of handy people and I’ve helped my dad with similar projects in the past, so I may have an advantage. 🙂

  3. I love your place! You have done such a nice job with everything! 🙂 Quick questions if you don’t mind answering… is your house built on a slab? I have a friend who lives in a 1966 ranch on a slab and he’s having all kinds of issues while remodeling (mainly finding out that doors won’t close and some walls are cracked). Do/did you have issues like this in your place?

    • Thanks! The tall skinny closet in the kitchen (behind the red step stool) is a full size fold down ironing board. I’ve only used it about 5 times, but it sure comes in handy when I need to iron something!

      • It is kind of my dream to own one of those fold down ironing boards. Whenever we work on something, I am always considering if I can finally fit in the fold down ironing board.

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