carving caddie retro

This is one of those cool things that Mom gave me that is both cool and a little strange. I’m not quite sure why this was held onto for so many years, possibly because according to the informational pamphlet:

The roast can’t slip! An amateur can now carve with the poise and confidence of an expert, knowing there will be no more embarrassing moments of roast slipping and juice slopping. The Carving Caddie protects the platter from knife cuts — elevates roast to easier carving position — eliminates the need of heat protector pads and allows the full use of finest silver and china platters. The Carving Caddie is the perfect carving companion to good carving equipment and will be long treausred by the discriminating host and hostess as one of their most useful household possessions.

carving caddie retro

I’ve never used it, quite possibly because I don’t do a whole lot of roast carving (okay, I don’t do any roast carving) but I do like it because of the cool retro graphic design on the outer box as well as the informational pamphlets.

Wheres the beef

Leo isn’t quite sure what to think about it…mostly because it is empty at the moment.

retro graphic design

I just love old booklets, ads and such from the 50s and 60s. I think it is awesome that I’ve inherited not only the carving caddie, but also the original box and inserts!

carving caddie ad

carving caddie pamplet

The back of the instruction insert is stamped 1948! I wonder if my Nana and Bob got this as a wedding gift? Nana loved to entertain, so I’m sure she got a lot of use from it over the years.

Don’t you agree Leo?

dreaming of roast



  1. Nana probably did get this as a wedding present and I remember it being used a lot when I was a kid. Mostly remember large canned hams on it, but I’m sure she used it for roasts as well. She had a lot of silver serving dishes so this was handy to not ruin the silver I’m sure. She did a lot of entertaining as you said. I’m happy that the booklets were all in there … they are certainly retro! πŸ™‚ That Leo is always looking for or dreaming of meat, isn’t he? LOL

    • I’m sure this was great for saving the good silver and china platters. I’m sure they don’t make stuff like this anymore these days, as many people don’t use the “good china or silver” for entertaining these days.

      Yes, Leo is constantly dreaming of meat…whenever he isn’t begging for a walk, that is. πŸ™‚

  2. I agree that it’s scary…brings to mind a medieval torture device, maybe an iron maiden?? Wow! Cool box/manual, though. Who knew that carving can become a pleasure?

  3. What a strange yet cool item. I think a carving caddie could come in handy for cutting watermelon, too (let’s just say I have some trouble with the melon “slipping and the juice slopping”!)

  4. Isn’t it strange how you will see something you’ve never seen before and suddenly you see them everywhere? I just read your post this morning and went on Craigslist after that, just to peruse. I found this, which isn’t exactly like yours, but very similar: I’ve never seen these before and now I’ve seen two in less than 30 minutes. Maybe it’s a sign that I need to call about the carving board…

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