It’s been a refreshing week so far. Not just for me (with my big news and new routine) but for the garden too — because we got some nice light misty rain.

raised bed garden

My raised bed garden is looking better, though not at all like it was at this time last year


I have some cute little corn ears growing…


…some broccoli that thinks it is a stalk of corn… (is broccoli supposed to look like that?)

cherry tomato

cherry tomatoes

hot pepper

…and some hot peppers, just dripping with that lovely rain…

There’s only one thing in my yard that doesn’t like rain:

leo with grill

Stay tuned!

p.s. Thanks for all the positive comments over the last week. Change is scary, but it is less scary when people believe in you as much as you believe in yourself. I’ve got some more exciting stuff in the works for my blog, but with everything going on in the last few weeks, its been hard to work on it. More good things to come, I promise!



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