Leo in sunglasses

Above: Leo says, “Your future’s so bright, you’ve gotta wear shades.”

I’ve been caught up in watching the Olympics lately with good reason — there are so many great moments. So many stories of athletes who have trained hard, dreamed big and put all their energy towards reaching their goals.

I’m not an Olympic athlete in any measure, however I can identify with them because I too have been working hard to create change and growth in my life. Last Friday, I left my full time job to take the next step towards living my dream. It was a scary step to take, but with the support of my adorable husband Jim, my family and friends and Pam from retrorenovation.com, I feel confident that I can achieve my goals. Instead of working for one boss, one company full time like I was up until Friday, I’ll now be continuing to work part time for Pam as a contributing blogger and graphic designer, part time for other clients as a graphic designer, part time for myself working to secure more jobs and on this blog and working to build up my Esty shop.

I know it will be hard work. It won’t pay what my comfortable old full time job would have right away, but there is unlimited potential for success, growth and happiness. I’m excited to hold the reins of my success. I can take myself as far as I can dream.

When I wake up Monday morning, my routine will be different, my commute much shorter, my coworker will be furry (and begging for a walk) and I will be smiling because, though I’m not at the medal podium, I’ve set goals, made plans and am ready to do the work to get me there, someday.


52 thoughts on “A NEW START

  1. Kate
    This first step is the hardest! Eventho you will come upon hurdles you’ll overcome them! I believe in you!

  2. Yay! So happy for you and Jim and Leo 🙂 Fall is coming, the season of change and we are so excited for this change you are embarking upon! Keep me updated on how its going!

  3. I laughed at Leo in sunglasses with “The Future’s so bright I’ve gotta wear shades” … one of my favorite tunes by Timbukthree from so long ago. As one of your lifetime supporters and cheerleaders, I know you can do this and applaud your leap from the comfortable to the exciting and challenging. Congratulations and “Yay Kate!” 🙂

  4. I recently was lucky enough to find a much better paying, but part time job; I took it, making the leap of faith that I could find enough work to freelance the other half time. It’s been scary, but very much an improvement in my quality of life. I guess what I’m saying is, you GO, sister! 🙂

  5. I, too, started a new kind of life today a big part of which I hope will be filled with more things crafty and building up my etsy shop also. Will consider this along the lines of “Great minds think alike” for both of us 😉 Good luck!

  6. you can do it! i havent had a real job since 2000. i’m a mom, part time blogger and part time ebayer, etsyer and have my own website. it is so much better than wearing pantyhose every day! good luck and enjoy! Van

  7. Congratulations! I came across your blog somehow about a month ago and have really enjoyed reading it. You seem to have a good head on your shoulders and a great aesthetic. I just bet you’re going to go far 🙂

    I dream of doing something similar someday. It’s inspiring to see other people go for it when I’m so timid about putting myself out there!

  8. Congratulations! I made the jump in late 2011 and have never looked back. I trust the process and know things will work out. Bonus? I’m WAY less stressed these days!

  9. Atta girl! Live in the NOW! From what I have come to know of you (through your wonderful and truly inspiring blog), you have a great head on your shoulders and not to mention extremely wonderful tastes! I wish you great success on your new road and may it be a l o n g and well traveled one! I’m in your corner (us midwesterners have to stick together you know…even if you may be a Brewers fan…)!

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  11. I have been reading your blog for a few months or more and really enjoying it. I was super pleased when you and Pam started working together and wondered if this would be the natural next step. Congratulations, I can imagine this will be hard work, but very satisfying and leading to even bigger things.

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