I’ve just finished up a fun filled weekend with friends. It was good to see them and have a bit of a break. We spent many hours in the Tiki Lounge, having cocktails, playing games and laughing.

As I was winding down my weekend, I took a minute to flip through some old photos that Mom sent, and I happened across this one:

midcentury play house

That’s my Mom and Uncle standing in front of one of the coolest midcentury playhouses I’ve ever seen.

I just love the roof line complete with “beams.”

I think one of these days (kids or not) I’m going to have to build one for our yard. I suppose I could always build a smaller dog house version for Leo, though I wonder if he would appreciate the architecture…



  1. Your grandfather built that for me and my brother when we lived on base in Barstow, CA in MOQ4 (Marine Officers Quarters #4) … so we dubbed it MOQ4-1/2. It was the same colors as our main house …. white with green trim. Your father built you and your brother a playhouse to resemble our main house in PA – 655 …. so we put up a mailbox by the playhouse and dubbed yours 655-1/2. 🙂 Funny how things get passed down through families. Guess we will have to work on building you some version in your backyard someday – painting studio? Oh … forgot about the first playhouse your dad built to resemble our house in PA just for you when you were two … it’s now being used as a doghouse by a family down the street. LOL

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