With all of this record heat (it was 100 degrees again here today and humid) and dry weather (we did get some rain, but we are still inches behind normal) I’m surprised anything is doing well in the victory garden. The cool weather crops (peas, lettuce, beans) didn’t really have a chance this year. The cherry tomatoes are producing, but we haven’t been able to eat anything else out of the garden at all. We’ve gotten a few rain storms in the last week and the plants have definitely responded well. The cherry tomato plant jumped up past the tomato cage!

The few corn plants I’m trying weren’t knee high by the fourth of July, then suffered an attack from a hungry bunny, but seem to have recovered a bit and a few are starting to grow tassels…

I’m pretty sure the broccoli plants are stunted. Probably because of the heat. Two of the four have little tiny broccoli heads on them…

There are two cute little eggplants on one of the plants!

and even a little pepper!

I’m hoping that we get more rain in the second half of the season, and that the garden will start producing yummy veggies. It is such a sharp contrast to this time last year, right Leo?


7 thoughts on “HOW DOES THE GARDEN GROW?

  1. How well I understand your plight! It was 107 here on Saturday. So far it hasn’t been that hot this week. Tomorrow’s only supposed to be 101! I hope you get some rain so you can enjoy more than just your cherry tomatoes.

  2. I live in Texas and temps in the 100s are normal all summer here. My advice would be to get a soaker hose and snake it around all the plants, then cover it with a layer of mulch or straw. I use straw on my garden because it’s less expensive than mulch and covers better.

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