something missing

By golly Leo, I think you are right. Something is missing from our yard.

Can you tell what it is?

On Friday, I returned home to find my neighbor, his son and his brother cleaning up the debris from our crazy pine tree.

He had trimmed it back so much earlier in the week that it resembled a palm tree or some sort of strange feather duster. I really meant to take a picture of it between fits of laughter (it really looked ridiculous!) but I didn’t act quickly enough and now it is just a stump — YAY!

He’s coming back at a later date with his friend and their special chain saw to flush cut the stumps and haul off the debris. Then it is my turn to whip the yard into some sort of presentable state, which will be no easy or quick task — but I’m very excited for this brand new view, courtesy of my super nice neighbor.


13 thoughts on “A BRAND NEW VIEW

  1. What a SUPER NICE NEIGHBOR you have! The side yard looks so much better already without two of those crazy pine trees! 🙂

  2. I’m so happy I stumbled across your blog….I adore it and am looking forward to reading about your home renovation! I too am a fellow mid-mod freak and LOVE your decor!

  3. Wow! Friendly tip: have your house sprayed/treated for insects after you remove trees. All those little creatures will come looking for a new place to live and you probably won’t want them with you!

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