Hair pin table retro

When Mom and Dad arrived for Christmas in July 2012, the didn’t just bring gifts for the dirty santa gift exchange. Arriving with them was the little retro hairpin leg table.

hair pin leg table

This little guy has had quite the wild ride. According to my Mom, this table originated in Green Bay, Wisconsin sometime in the 1950s. It has since traveled along with my Mom’s family to Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Mississippi, Pennsylvania and is now finally back in Wisconsin again.

1959 hair pin leg table

Above: Here it is in 1959 hanging out with my Mom and Uncle. Looks like it has had a few coats of paint over its lifetime.

hairpin leg table paint chips

If I had to guess by looking at the chipped paint, I’d say this table stated out black, was painted green and then finally painted white.

hair pin leg table1963

Above: In this shot from Christmas 1963, the hairpin leg table appears to be a fly on the wall. Can you tell where I got my love of dogs? This is my Mom with her dog, Daisy. I’d bet that I have a very similar picture of Leo and I together at Christmas…

It’s funny how this little hairpin leg table has tagged along for a 60 year ride with my family and ended up right back in Wisconsin, only a few hours drive from where it began.

Coincidentally, just a few weeks before the retro hairpin leg table arrived back in Wisconsin, I found a very similar, yet smaller relative at one of my favorite stores–Menards.

hairpin plant stand Menards

hairpin plant stand Menards

Sold as a plant stand in the garden department, this copy of a retro table is more lightweight and smaller, but for about $14 on sale, it was something I couldn’t pass up.

hairpin plant stand Menards

It makes a great table to go between my retro outdoor chairs on the patio.

The retro hairpin leg table has been hanging out in the Tiki Lounge, though I think once summer comes to an end, it may find a new home inside the Retro Ranch…and perhaps even a new paint job.

Stay tuned!



  1. Nice circle of life for your retro table! 🙂

    How long ago did you get the new table at Menards? I might have to hit one up…I need a cool plant stand for our deck!

  2. I have a very similar little table, only with curved legs instead of hairpin legs. It “found” me, or I found it, on someone’s curb on trash day when I lived in Michigan. Years later and states away it’s still with me (now on my front patio). It’s been white, green, and now bronze. I think I’ve gotten more use out of this “curbside boutique” item than some things I’ve paid hundreds for!

  3. My mom gave me some melmac tiffany blue kitchen canisters that I think she had bought new. I’ve used them a lot over the years but they finally look ‘at home’ in our mcm home. I’ve been admiring your blog for some time, I love your decorating ideas!

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