lawn in drought

This is not a prairie folks, this is a close up of my front lawn. Not only was it in the triple digits for several days last week, but we also haven’t had rain in 25 days. It’s getting crispy out there. Walking across my lawn sounds like walking on a gravel path…crunchy.

I’ve been trying my best to keep things watered…my gardens, not the lawn–I’ve let that go dormant in the hopes that we will get rain soon. The corner garden is fairing pretty well…

corner garden

My raised bed victory garden is a little worse for the wear…

Victory Garden

Sure, it looks fine from a distance, but upon closer inspection…

dying lettuce

All of my cool weather crops (lettuce, peas, green beans) didn’t have time to grow before they were blasted with heat…

crunchy green bean

I’ve been watering them every day, but apparently some plants just can’t take 100+ degree temps for a week…


Even the blueberry bushes are crisp…

There are some plants that are thriving however, the tomatoes are already producing! Last year I didn’t eat my first cherry tomato until late July!


I’ve already eaten 5!

garden side view

I’m hopeful that we’ll get some rain soon! It would really help the plants grow (since the hose doesn’t seem to quench their thirst quite like rain) and I’ve nearly forgotten what it looks like to have a green lawn…

Even Leo, the dog who dislikes all kinds of water (hose, bath, sprinklers, rain) agrees that it is a bit crunchy.

Can anyone send some rain our way? We’d really appreciate it!


18 thoughts on “DRAT TO THIS DROUGHT!

  1. We finally received several successive days of fairly heavy rainfall in Central Texas…even a bit of localized flooding. But, as is typical for the weather here, it will change. It’s usually feast or famine for us!

  2. Not nice. I am sorry to see this situation. Where we live (Southern California), we get no rain for months at a time so I am partially mystified by these photos (e.g. run your sprinklers already). But I realize that in a drought situation, cities probably really don’t want you to over water, and with all your typical rainfall, maybe no one has sprinklers. On a totally different note, also not appropriate to your area, we got rid of every single patch of grass in our lawn. Not that it is a big yard because it is California. We got so sick of trying to maintain grass and all the water. We have gone with more drought tolerant plants over the years because we started to think… geez, what is the point of a lawn in a desert?

    • Hi Rebecca,

      Several of my neighbors have been sprinkling their lawns (these are also the neighbors that have them sprayed, lawn crews cut their lawns) which is fine, but my husband and I prefer not to dump so much $$$ into our lawn. They had a lawn specialist on our local news last night who said grass can survive 65 days without watering, since it goes dormant. I’m hoping we’ll get some rain before then (its been 25 days without rain) and it will come back naturally. I’ve only been watering the flowers and veggie garden and I just started watering the drought resistant flowers and plants (hosta, lamb’s ear, cone flower, black eyed susan, ajuga, etc) that usually don’t need any water from the hose at all, but they are starting to look crispy as well. We’re still working on fixing up our yard (though that’s on hold until we get some rain!) and we are trying to keep the grass to a minimum. I’d love to have less lawn to take care of…maybe some day!

      • I’m with you, it’s too expensive to keep the lawn green! Plus, our neighbors aren’t watering, so we are all brown together. I finally had to water my hastas- that was weird. I guess you know it’s bad when you have to water hastas

      • Yes, It is strange to water hostas! I’d say about half our neighborhood doesn’t water their lawns. I’m sure from the air there is a nice patchwork affect going on!

  3. We are the same way. My husband says we’re going to cause a water crisis ourselves betwen watering the garden and filling the baby pool. Our garden is doing well, but even heat loving plants won’t die in this heat, but they stop growing, so the tomatoes are doing awesome but are kind of suspended in time until it cools down. We pulled our peas out they were beyond dead and the beans are just limping along. I always feel bad for the farmers in this heat and drought….

  4. Our yard is starting to get crunchy and my garden looks like yours. Same problems with the lettuce, herbs, peas and beans, although I’m already eating my cherry tomatoes, too. There’s a 50% chance of rain today, although I just looked at the radar and I don’t think it’s going to make it our way ;-( I’m hoping everyone gets some rain soon!

  5. We have loads of rain here in Holland. I wish I could send it your way. We haven’t had a real summer in three years now… Only rain or clouds! I want a real summer!!! My lettuce has died because of too much water, but my pumpkins and green beans are starting to grow (finally!),

    Good luck with the lawn and veggies.

    • My goodness Cynthia! I do wish we could swap weather for a few weeks. We could really use the rain here and I’m sure you could use some warm and dry weather. If only we could trade for a while!

  6. Thankfully we have no lawn, otherwise I am sure we could not afford to water it. In fact there is only one house on our street that even has a little lawn at all! The drought is so bad this year. I figured it would be because it hardly rained this winter. Bad news for us because my husband is a roofer and no rain means people put off getting a new roof. Our veggies are doing OK (thank goodness) because we do water those twice a day and we live in a fairly shaded area. I just feel lucky that there haven’t been any major fires near our house. Seems like a new one pops up in our local news every day!

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