Well folks, I hope you had a great fourth of July (or Christmas in July, whichever you celebrate). We had a successful Christmas in July, but due to 103 degree temperatures, we had to switch venues from the Tiki Lounge to the dining room, still a fun time was had by all…

christmas in july

First we had some snacks, margaritas and good conversation

christmas in july

Then it was time for the main event…the dirty santa gift exchange!

Dad started things out by unwrapping the coin counter…while Leo offered his assistance with paper shredding (a favorite Christmas activity of his)…

crystal clock

Then Jim’s dad opened up something familiar…

crystal clock

The crystal clock was the least desirable gift last year. My brother ended up with it and he brought it back this year–starting a new tradition. (My brother won the title of most creative wrapping job–he used roofing tar paper and electrical tape to wrap the crystal clock…extra points for Patrick!)

Our nephew was lucky enough to get some Legos! (we get a few separate gifts for him each year)

Jim’s sister couldn’t make it this year, but his grandma came all the way from California…to open some flashlights!

banana wine stopper

My brother opened a banana shaped wine stopper (which was promptly stolen by my parents…Patrick ended up with the coin counter)

I got…hmmmm…what are those….picnic table cloth clips?

My adorable husband Jim got a flower pot and a spatula!

My Mom got margarita salt and a lime juicer (which would have come in handy earlier in the day when we still had margaritas left!)

Jim’s Mom got…

All in all, we had a great Christmas in July–although I think one of us had too much fun

Good idea Leo…that was a lot of excitement for one day. I think I’ll take a nap too!

Stay tuned!


19 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS IN JULY 2012

  1. You are all having too much fun! thank you for sharing – enjoyed all the photos (kinda feel like i’m a fly on the wall)! Looks like a wonderful Christmas in July! Leo looks so much like our old BooBoo, cant believe it, and did you paint that portrait of Leo on the wall? Your home is inspiring!

    • Same here Tasha! Leo didn’t wanna be out longer than a few minutes and I had to water my veggie garden and flowers every day in the morning and at sunset! So glad that it cooled down a bit here!

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