Have I confused you with the title of this post? I’m sure you are wondering, “What dirty daybed?” Actually, there is no  daybed like furniture involved. The dirty daybed is what I’ve dubbed this part of the back yard area:

dirty day bed

Why do I call it this? Because a certain Border Collie mix likes to take naps here, allowing all of the mulch and pine needles to accumulate in his fur before going back inside and shaking all that “dirt” loose all over my nice, clean floors.


Also, I suppose it isn’t the nicest thing to greet you on your way into the Tiki Lounge

I’ve debated what to do with this space for a while now…shall I plant it full of greenery? Put a large planter there? Ultimately whatever took over this space had to be able to put up with Leo taking naps on it as well as being low profile and/or easy to move. In the winter, when we take the screens off our porch, we have to be able to clear this area with the tight fitting and large screen panel. That’s when it hit me. Why not install some patio pavers here? All it took was a sale at Menards (5/$1!) for me to pull the trigger on this project.

digging out dirt

The first order of business was to remove the extra dirt, or as Leo would say–the dirty daybed cushions. Yuck.

land scape fabric

Then, since we have quite enough weeds to deal with already around here, I put in a layer of landscape fabric.

installing pavers

I poured a thin layer of sand over the landscape fabric and got back to work with my new favorite tool, the rubber mallet. Spur of the moment I decided to go with this pattern for the pavers. I’m not quite sure what to call it, but it seemed to fit the space well and look a little more intricate than the basic brick pattern.

done close up

I had to use a masonry chisel and hammer to cut some of the tiles where they met the concrete slab, which wasn’t easy. If I had a masonry blade handy for my circular saw, I might have tried using that instead. The pavers (which are only about an inch thick) split in half easily when I tried to chisel just a tiny bit off the end. It took some trial and error, but I eventually got everything to work out…


I think it turned out quite well. The space looks a lot more finished and it is surely a much cleaner surface for Leo to lay on…

lookin goodf lamingo

since when

missed a spot

I know Leo, I’m planning on making a square over on that side too…I just ran out of hours in the day!

Maybe next weekend!



  1. WOW! You are an expert with that rubber mallet! This looks so great – i’ve never tried doing this with the liner, only bricks on sand. Looks very nice as an entrance to the Tiki Lounge with pots, etc. Leo is so funny! typical Border Collie 😀

  2. This looks great! I really like the pattern you created. And I hear you on cutting tile. We’ve finally started our bathroom tiling project, and we spent much of the weekend with our new tile cutter. Messy and tricky!

  3. A creative solution! I would have planted something, my dog would have laid on it, kill it, then I would have been devastated. Your approach is better. 🙂

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