I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like it should be more than just the first day of summer. So far this year we’ve had an extremely mild winter, followed by summer…with about 8 or so days of spring mixed in there for good measure. Not only has it been at least 90 for the last four days, but also we’ve had about half an inch of rain in the last month. Add to that the very blustery winds that have been gusting through the area and some intense humidity and you’ve got a recipe for disaster if you forget to water the garden!

Luckily, watering the veggie garden is one of the first things I do when I get home from work (after walking Leo of course). It seems to be taking the heat well, but it does dry out rather quickly!

victory garden 6/20/12

The corn is growing, though I’m not sure it will be knee high by Christmas in July the Fourth of July…


The broccoli is also looking good so far…


I even put the tomato cages on a few of the tomato plants already…

tomato cages

Not only are there tomato blossoms on one of the plants…

tomato blossoms

but there are also some tomatoes! (Cherry tomatoes of course)

cherry tomato


Looks like somebody has had enough of this heat wave…


Well, it is back into the A/C for Leo and I…hope everyone is staying cool on this first day of summer!



8 thoughts on “SUMMER SAUNA

  1. 90 degrees with humidity! ugh – do you trim Leo’s fur for the summer? or is he naturally like that? our old border collie, Booboo had to be shaved in summer, he liked it after we were done, but didn’t enjoy the trimming itself! Your garden looks great!

    • Yes, it is quite sticky here as of late. I don’t trim Leo’s fur for summer. He sheds a great deal of fur between the beginning of March and the end of May, so he basically gives himself a “haircut” 🙂

      Thanks! I can’t wait for tomatoes fresh off the plant! Mmmm!

  2. If you can wait until later in the evening to water, the garden will use the water much more effeciently- around dusk is best.

    Not getting all the Minnesota rain? We are dry as a bone down here too

    • Thanks for the tip Mollie d! I guess I just worry that the plants are so in need of water after a full day in the sun that I shouldn’t wait that long, also I heard something about not getting tomato plant leaves wet too late in the evening because the leaves won’t dry before dark and they could develop a fungus? In an ideal world, I would water early in the morning, but I never can seem to get myself out of bed early enough!

  3. It is still more like spring here in Oregon–which I’m loving. Right now there’s mild sun, birds chirping, and lots of green. Not looking forward to those hot hot days I know are coming… (for me, hot hot is anything over 90) because we don’t have AC. Good thing we have movie theaters!

  4. First day of summer in Middle TN and they announced that today is the 15th day with temps of 90 or above so far this year. Glad we have A/C. 🙂

    • Yes but that type of weather is expected in Middle TN, isn’t it? We usually don’t get weather like this for a few more months! Thankfully it is in the upper 70s today. What a relief! Still humid though…

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