It was another perfect weather weekend here at the Retro Ranch Revamp. We did get a bit of badly needed rain, but it was overnight on Saturday, which left the day high and dry for projects. I decided to tackle the crescent edger border around the pole light this weekend, since the edgers have been sitting in the garage for about a month now just waiting for me to have the time put them to use…

I knew I wanted a 6ft diameter circle around the pole light, so I measured 3ft from the pole in all directions and used some landscape stakes to mark out my circle. You might wonder what’s up with the hose… it is just the thing to help me make a circle is so I know where to dig!

I dug a nice round trench, trying to keep it inside the hose lines…

Once I was satisfied with my trench (and after a water break) it was time to fill in the trench with sand, to help level the crescent edgers and keep them in place.

It wasn’t difficult work, thanks to my trusty wheelbarrow and my new favorite tool, the rubber mallet. The mallet came in handy when I was pounding in the edging on my corner garden a few weekends ago…this is just one of those times when it is important to cough up the extra $6 and get the right tool for the job

Leo really wanted to have his turn with the rubber mallet for some reason. It might have been the smell of the rubber…or perhaps the wooden handle (Leo has a thing for sticks) but I wasn’t going to let him anywhere near my mallet…

Leave it to me to make a funny face when Jim and Leo are holding the camera

Anyway, all was going well until this happened:

Yup, bad calculation on my part. I was about 7 edgers short of the circle.

My Mom can attest that I am not always the best at math–though I try my hardest–it is never a surprise to me when I end up needing a few more of whatever I’m working with or as in the infamous rice crispy incident (where I calculated the weight of the rice crispies I needed for my cookie bake off instead of the volume and bought about 8 boxes too many and was then forced to eat my mistake every morning for breakfast for several months) end up getting too much of something. My adorable husband Jim just sees it as my way of getting to take another trip to the home improvement store, but reguardless of the situation, it was back to Menards…

Once we returned with the 7 edgers I needed (and a few other things…) I had a finished circle.

Then it was time for a little plant relocation. I have a bunch of random Sedum clusters right next to the sidewalk that really get lost among the hosta plants in their current location. I decided that since they are low profile plants, they should be relocated to inside the planter ring…

They were quick and easy to move and now the ring around the pole light is looking more lively.

All in all, it was a quick (about 3 hours excluding the trip to Menards) and inexpensive ($25 for edgers and sand) weekend project that gets me just a little bit closer to having a more presentable front yard. Now if only we would get some more rain so the front lawn istn’t the color of hay! Its been so dry here lately…

What were you up to this weekend?




  1. I love weekend projects that you can start and finish in a few hours! Your edgers look great. (And I totally understand the whole math thing.) We threw some paint samples on the front of our house–really excited about choosing colors for that paint job. And we’re getting ready to finally start tiling our tub surround! Bought some equipment today and started marking lines. Can’t wait to get going on both projects.

  2. As soon as I saw that you had come up short on the number of edgers I immediately thought of the infamous rice crispy incident. hehehehehehe And then when you mentioned it I started to laugh out loud and uncontrollably. 🙂 Thanks for the Monday morning chuckle! The edgers look great around the pole light …. I like those a lot.

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