This weekend, my adorable husband Jim and I went to the Chicago area to visit Jim’s parents, sister and nephew for a BBQ (Leo stayed home, much to his dismay). Why did we make Leo stay home? We needed the space in the car for these:

Tiki Room Furniture

We decided to get two more pieces for our “outdoor couch” at IKEA. It was a little hard to get both boxes in the car, but we managed to squeeze them in and now we have completed our dream outdoor couch! I doubt we’ll ever leave the Tiki Lounge again!

ammero chase from Ikea

Last year, we picked up four of the AMMERO chairs to use as extra seating for our family’s first annual Christmas in July get together. Thanks to a new lower price on these pieces (saving $60 from last year’s price), we didn’t feel guilty adding them to our sofa.

ammero chase from Ikea

Ammero corner

ammero corner

Once I find a few more outdoor pillows, the Tiki Lounge will be complete!

tiki lounge furniture

The furniture fits perfectly in the front of our screened porch (With about 2 inches to spare). Now both Jim and I can lay back and relax…I think we’ll be enjoying many a morning cup of coffee out here as well as an evening cocktail under the lights…the Tiki Lounge has fast become our favorite relaxation spot in the house! Sitting out there listening to the birds and feeling the breeze is like being on vacation. It is also great to have the extra seating for when we have people over.

Besides our trip to Chicago and finishing off our oudoor couch, I checked in on the raised bed victory garden, which is really starting to grow!


The peas are about three inches tall already…


The corn (It’s our first attempt at growing corn this year) is poking through the soil…

green beans

Then there are the green beans


…and the lettuce! I hope it doesn’t get too hot too early for the lettuce this year, as it was 90 all weekend…yikes!

Raised bed victory garden

It looks like the garden is off to a good start this year! I can almost taste the cherry tomatoes!



  1. Wow! The room is looking great. At first sight, I thought that was a vintage sofa

    Congrats on the garden too. I tried my had at a victory garden this year but the casualties have been heavy.

    • Thanks nickarmadillo!

      Sorry to hear about your victory garden not being so victorious. Is it a raised bed? If not, you might want to try that instead. Then you can control the soil mixture (equal parts compost, sand and peat moss). That, a sunny spot and a whole lotta watering is all it took to get mine going!

  2. The room looks GREAT! I bought that same rug, but when I put it down I really hated it in my space. But it looks FABULOUS in yours, so I may have to try again. 🙂

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