I hope everyone had a great weekend! I got a ton of stuff done around the house, and still managed to relax a bit (believe it or not). The weather was great here, sunny and warm. I started the weekend out by making a trip to my local garden center to pick up some supplies for my raised bed victory garden. Luckily I didn’t need much this year, just a few plants, some seeds and a few bags of compost. I’ve been working on making my own compost, but sadly it wasn’t quite ready to put on the garden and I didn’t have enough anyway, so I bought a few bags from the store. I figure I can always add more compost to the garden as it is ready.

raised bed garden

It was so easy to put in the garden this year! (Last year was rough!) I pulled out the weeds (which came out very easily since the soil is loose) and then mixed in a little fresh compost. Then it was time to plant!

raised bed garden

Because I live in Wisconsin and our growing season is short, I buy tomato and pepper plants to plant in the garden.



This year I also got broccoli plants and eggplant plants to try. Everything else I plant from seed.

This year I will have:

Two kinds of cherry tomatoes
Two kinds of large tomatoes
Four kinds of peppers (two sweet, two hot)
Sugar Snap Peas
Green Beans
Two kinds of Lettuce
Blueberry bushes that are still maturing but have grown considerably since last year

Not that I want to rush summer along, but I can hardly wait to eat cherry tomatoes right off the plant!

Looks like I have some weeding to do around the garden…

Sorry Leo, it isn’t time to grill just yet…

Ahhh much better! Besides pulling weeds, I also put my new weed wacker together and used it all around the yard. It was fun!

My next project was to put the composite edging that I purchased last year around the corner garden, freshen up the mulch and plant a few annual flowers in the front…

corner garden with composite edging

The composite edging itself was not hard to install. The hardest part was digging the trench around the garden. Did I mention it was also in the upper 80s and humid?

composite edging instructions

According to the instructions, the composite edging I bought can just be pounded into the ground, but just to be sure my hard work stayed in place, I used some edging stakes as well…

garden with composite edging installed

Since they are the same color as the edging, they blend right in and they work great!

Corner garden with composite edging installed

Now the corner garden has a clearly defined shape. I hope the edging will also help hold the mulch in place.

lets grill now

Leo is clearly getting impatient!

I know what you guys are thinking…but what about painting the Tiki Lounge…Well I got that done too believe it or not! I was going to take some pictures to show everyone, but I decided to wait until the Tiki Lounge is completely set up (furniture arranged, tiki masks on the wall, lights up) before I reveal the transformation…so I have to wait for the paint to cure a bit and drag some stuff out of winter storage, but don’t fear, the Tiki Room reveal is almost here!

Now I’m off to apply aloe to my sunburn and bandage my blisters…oh yeah, and grill some chicken for one very impatient and over excited dog! Hope you all had a great weekend!

Stay tuned!



  1. Doing my early morning blog-following break and have to say: Kate, you are a dynamo! Just finished the boggling of my mind at how much you, Adorable Husband and Leo accomplished over the weekend.

    Then, just after Retro Ranch Revamp on my list of beloved blogs, I head over to Retro Renovation and …. discover you’ll be the Tuesday and Thursday blogger! Thrilled to find you in two locations. Congratulations on always producing a fun and inspiring read.

  2. Congratulations on your new blogging position at Retro Renovation! I am thrilled you will be representing the great state of WI. Your talents and amiable personality will endear many new followers. I am proud to say “I knew her when…”. May you have much success as you begin writing your new chapter in life!

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