I’ve got a ton of projects planned for the upcoming long weekend (3 days off work!). I know I won’t be able to finish all of them, but I hope to get at least two of them completed (I really only have two days for projects at the ranch because my sister-in-law just bought her first place and she needs help painting, so my adorable husband Jim and I will be helping her out).

Here’s what’s on the dockett:

Of course I still need to put the edging on the corner garden…I just didn’t have the time to get that done last summer. Good news is, I bought a weed wacker last weekend so I can use that to trim around the garden now!

talking dog

Oh Leo, don’t worry. You won’t be anywhere near the weed wacker!

Then of course there is painting the Tiki Lounge…I really want to get this done over the long weekend, but it depends on how I feel after painting at my sister-in-law’s house…

paint and crescent edgers

I did buy the paint (30% off!) at Sherwin Williams!

And what might all those crescent edgers be for?

crescent edgers

I got those a few weeks ago (on sale of course!) so I could make my pole garden

…well the garden is already half there, but I want to make a nice circle around the pole with the crescent edgers and also fill it in with some flowers.

victory garden

Then there is planting the Victory Garden! I have much less weeding to do this year, and the garden is already built and filled, so a quick trip to the store for some plants and seeds, and I should be all set!

I think we can arrange that Leo…

So there you have it! My plans for the weekend.

Are any of you painting, gardening or installing edging this weekend? Or are you grilling out and relaxing? (If so, Leo would like to spend the weekend at your place)



  1. You have some good things lined up – my projects happen the weekend after Memorial Day, because I live in one of those places with “the worlds longest garage sale” , so I’ll be out scouting for those things that other people don’t want from the 60s. Wish me luck!

  2. Prepping the exterior of the house for paint. Getting back to an upholstering project. Painting the chair the upholstery project goes on. Taking some walks, eating some good food, wandering around Portland. I have a feeling you’ll be way more productive than me!

  3. I just installed an air conditioner in the upstairs of my home. Unfortunately, my 1952 colonial doesn’t have central air. Wish me luck that she can stand this crazy weather this weekend. (P.S. I used the same edge stones to make a fire pit in the back of my house! Aren’t they great?)

  4. Awesome! I love your house, and that corner garden is so cool. Those spiky blue-ish green plants are so perfect for a midcentury house! (Can you say that about plants?)

    • Thanks Suzanne!

      I thought the same thing! (that is blue fescue ornamental grass if you are interested) I love ornamental grasses for mid century house landscaping! I plan to ad more in the future!

  5. Definitely grilling! I love me some BBQ ribs and the weather is gonna be perfect this weekend. Garden looks great! Think I need to go whole-hog and set up a fence like yours to keep the little darling bunnies away.

  6. @thatmidcenturyfella…older homes like yours are easy to air condition and cause minimal change to the interior.
    Use the crawl space above your rooms and have them add vents that are installed in the ceiling. Just something to think about!

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