I spent some serious time in the Tiki Lounge over the weekend with my paint swatches. I took into consideration all the pillows, my rug, furniture and accessories I already have and tried to pick the best color to coordinate with them…the verdict: It might be time for a luau in the Tiki Lounge…

Luau Green that is…

Not only is the name tiki-esque, but I like the particular shade, it looks good with my yellowish brick (even though none of this will be directly next to brick, I still wanted it to be compatible) and it coordinates well with what I have, especially my tiki mask collection. I was really set on using orange, but the tiki masks are made of a warm toned wood and would blend into the wall whereas the Luau Green proved to be a nice backdrop.

That doesn’t mean I’m totally ruling out the orange.  Knockout Orange (one shade above the Invigorate orange I used in my Guest room) caught my attention and I’m thinking I’ll use it as an accent color on door that leads into the garage.

Luckily for me, I was correct in guessing that Sherwin Williams would be having a paint sale over the upcoming Memorial Day weekend…so I’ll be picking up the paint this week and hopefully even painting it over the upcoming holiday weekend (as well as putting in the Victory Garden).

What do you guys think? Is it time for a Luau in the Tiki Lounge?


6 thoughts on “LUAU IN THE TIKI LOUNGE?

  1. Love the Luau Green. Of course you probably figured I would since green in my favorite color. 🙂 Think it will be great, especially with an orange door into the garage. You are still the brightest crayon in the box! LOL

  2. Oh yes yes, I think that’ll be great! And if you decide to accent with the orange on your door, it’ll go nicely with that luau green.

    And thanks for the Sherwin Williams sale tip… maybe this is the impetus we need to start some painting around here!

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