I’ve scored a few bargains for the back porch lately. While I’m still contemplating the exact shade (or shades) of paint to spruce up the Tiki Lounge aka the back screened porch, I didn’t have to contemplate too long when I saw these pots while perusing TJ Maxx on my lunch break.

lightweight cement pots

These pots are made of “lightweight cement,” have nice clean lines and the texture made me think tiki, so I had to have them…

…especially after I saw the price! My one reservation (and the reason they were likely so inexpensive) was how in the heck am I going to get these to my car? I’m sure many other shoppers saw them and thought the same thing, which is why they were marked down and put in the back corner of the store to be forgotten. In a normal TJ Maxx, I’m sure they would be gone already, but this is the downtown Milwaukee TJ Maxx inside the Grand Avenue Mall…and since these “lightweight” cement planters are not lightweight at all…buying them proved to be quite a feat. The small one only weighs about 8lbs or so, but the big one is closer to 35lbs and it is difficult to carry. Still I was up for the challenge. It took a strategic parking spot, 20 minutes in the store, borrowing a too-small cart, making it through two sets of doors and navigating it down Wisconsin Avenue while dodging three pan handlers, but I got the pots to my car!

What a deal too! The large pot was on sale for $15 and the small one was $5!

Isn’t that a great deal Leo? Do you like them?

Ummm they aren’t treat buckets Leo…

Anyway, you might also have noticed our new deck box! Yes it is made of cedar and some sort of heavy duty plastic and luckily it doesn’t look like it is clad in beige siding! Best part is that it was originally $199 and with sale and rebate it ended up being $99!

It is big and fits all of our cushions. It also doubles as sturdy seating as well as a potting bench! I might stain the wood parts in the future to make it look more tiki, but for now it’s fine.

Now to pick a paint color for the walls and get the rest of the furniture/flamingos/tikis and lights out of storage!

Stay tuned!



  1. I LOVE those!!! They will look great in the Tiki Room OR anywhere in your yard! Good find Kate!!!
    You lucky little stinker!

    • Thanks BeckyB! I’ve got a couple possible locations for them all picked out…I can’t wait to plant something in them!!! By the way, it is one part luck to one part determination! hehehehehe

    • It must have been comical. A very nice man held the door for me while I was trying to get the empty cart back into TJ Maxx and I’m sure I babbled on about something silly and he was borderline chuckling at my expense…but oh well, at least I got my retro tiki inspired planters! 😉

  2. Those are cool planters! Maybe you could paint the green oval one I brought you last time in a color to complement these and have a trio of cool planters. 🙂 Purchasing those at great sale prices and getting them to your car did take real determination!

    • Thanks Mid Century Mom! The oval planter you gave me last time would look great in a trio with these! I’ll just have to decide where to put them and what color to paint it! 🙂

  3. Love those huge pots — wotta deal! All the colors you’re considering for a porch accent wall sound delicious. For once in my life I actually don’t have a strong preference — they’re all that good.

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