The weather this weekend, unlike last weekend, was to die for. 65 degrees, sunny, not a cloud in the sky. Of course that meant I got to work on the yard.

1960s ranch retro planter outside

I started by filling the outside built in planter. It doesn’t look like much, but hopefully in about a month or so, it will have filled out. I put in vines to cascade over the front of the planter as well as a spiky plant in the back to add interest…

flower garden

My front garden is looking great. The lamb’s ear seems to double every year and the chocolate chip ajuga has tripled in size from the original 5 plants I bought in august of 2010.

allium purple

And then there is the allium. Oh how I love the allium

close up of allium

But enough about flowers, right Leo…?

border collie mix talking

Why yes, I think it is time to put up the porch. Good call Leo.

screened porch not put up 1962 ranch

In the winter, we take out our giant porch screens so that the wood is not damaged from the harsh weather and wet spring…

screened porch not put up 1962 ranch

When the screens are out, we have a piece of chain link fence that we bolt in to make sure a certain border collie mix doesn’t escape the yard...

1962 ranch screened porch

I think this porch is my favorite thing about our house. I’m not sure if it is because the screens keep out the pesky mosquitos, or if it putting up the porch means the start of summer weather, BBQ get togethers and Christmas in July, or if it is because it is so unique, but I love it…

1962 ranch screened porch

This year, I am thinking about painting the wall and the door to the garage…something bright, but also complimentary to our tiki collection.

1962 ranch screened porch

Whatever color(s) I decide on should go with the house, but the porch is hidden from the street, so I could go nuts and make it really funky.

What do you think? Yellow? Aqua? Orange? Green?


26 thoughts on “PUTTING UP THE PORCH

  1. I came to your blog through a link to your kitchen remodel. The kitchen turned out great—but I was more impressed with the sheer effort of the undertaking. I know exactly how much work it was, and I practically needed to lie down after just reading about it.

    Thought I’d quit lurking and tell you your house and blog are great.
    I vote for something blue/green/funky.

    • Thanks for commenting Victoria! The kitchen project was a lot of work (understatement of the year) but it was so worth it! I get tired thinking about it too! I’m glad I did it in Jan/Feb when there wasn’t any yard work to be done or holidays to worry about because then I could focus on it and not be too overwhelmed. 🙂

  2. Sunset orange with a painted palm tree – I’m just back from a holiday in Hawai’i and I’m all for capturing that tropical feeling!

    I love love love the screens, we have a mosquito issue some summers, and it would be a great solution for us. Another thing to add to our to-do list!

    • Just back from Hawaii huh? I’m jealous! Did you see either of these places? I’d love to make it to Hawaii one of these days!

      The screens are great at keeping out the mosquitos! Certain times during the summer it is the only place I can stand to be outside!

  3. Is this going to be a surprise for Christmas in July? 🙂 Or do I get to help do this when we visit? I’d vote for a color that complements and enhances your tiki mask collection and your existing outside furniture. I’m sure you’ll find the best for you and your space, like you always do.

    • I don’t know Mid Century Mom! I’d like to have it done by then, but who knows if I’ll have time??? I have about 5 other projects that I’d like to get done by then too…though I bet Sherwin Williams will be having a memorial day paint sale in a few weeks….

  4. You know that hot pink and orange combination your see with tropical hawaiian stuff that is my vote. Then you can use green to tone it down and anchor it. Otherwise I want like a lime and turquoise combo. Very exciting to have place like that to paint crazy colors 🙂

  5. I’d be living on that porch! What a wonderful space. You’re house is really great. I have to admit that as much as I love the porch… your flowers are gorgeous. Such healthy, happy plants. Nice job.
    P.S. I think I would vote orange or aqua. Something that would compliment the outside colors as you look in to the space. It’ll be great!

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