This past weekend, when my adorable husband Jim and I were out driving around, we happened upon a few yard sales. When we see the “Yard Sale” signs I like to have Jim drive by so I can do a quick scan to see if anything looks interesting before we commit to stopping. The yard sale I scored at had a bunch of weird mannequins and some retro furniture (all of which was sold by the time we got there-darn!) out front, so I made Jim pull a U-turn and park pronto!

Anyhow, I did happen to find something to trade for the $5 bill I had burning a hole in my pocket…

Tapered legs from 1960s

These retro legs are awesome!

retro tapered legs from the 1960s

The girl who sold them to me bought them quite a while back for a project she never ended up getting around to. She was really excited when I said I could use them. They need to be cleaned up a bit, but at 7 inches long, I think they are a perfect height for that retro tv stand I have been wanting to build. Plus I really like the silver metal bottoms! I think once these get all shined up, they’ll be perfect, don’t you think?

What project would you do with these legs?


10 thoughts on “SHE’S GOT LEGS…

  1. Cool! Don’t forget, True Value Hardware will have the mounts for those legs. They should have straight down, canted and even sets that incorporate both. Support the your local small businesses!

    • Thanks Mr. Mod! Yes our local Ace Hardware (Probably an Ace/True Value store) has the mounts. Menards also has them, though they aren’t really a small business…but they are local! I don’t think I can use these legs with a tilt, as the bottoms are flat without any pivot to them…

  2. If you give up on the dresser for vanity idea in your bathroom, you might think about getting a very basic, standard cabinet and putting it on these legs. (That’s the route we’re taking. You can see the parts (not attached yet) here:

    Cane’s since put them together, and we think it’s going to look good. Or, really cheesy. But we’re leaning toward (hoping for!) good!

    • Rita, I like that idea! I hope your dresser turns out to be awesome! I can’t wait to see it!

      I was thinking about putting those legs on a cabinet until earlier this week…I think I found something that will work…but I’ve got to wait a bit to show you guys…the reason will be clear really soon! Stay tuned! 😉

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