Its been quite a rainy and gloomy weekend here at the Retro Ranch…one of those weekends when you pretty much just stay inside and get stuff done…

…unless you are Leo. Then you would mope around wondering why no one wants to take you for a walk during a thunderstorm.

Still, it is raining instead of snowing, which reminds me that it is in fact spring. That means soon I’ll be putting up the Tiki Lounge again…I can’t wait! Thinking about tikis reminded me I hadn’t shared the cool retro lava rock tiki statues that my Mom gave me yet!

Back in 1967, my grandparents (Nana and Bob as I called them) took a trip to Hawaii. That’s Nana with a huge tiki statue outside of the Crouching Lion (which I’m guessing is a restaurant.)

Here’s a shot of Bob at Nu‘uanu Pali. Apparently not only is the view from this spot great, but the wind gusts are strong too! The note on the back of the photo says they often get 65 mph gusts at this location.

I’m not sure how many things Nana and Bob brought back from Hawaii, but these are two neat little tiki statues!

The short guy is only a relief carving, but the taller tiki is fully carved!

Only the small one has any sort of markings. The coolest thing about them is they are carved from lava rock!

Maybe someday I’ll be lucky enough to take a trip to Hawaii. If so, I’d love to have my picture taken at the same spots as Nana and Bob, assuming the tiki statue is still there! Until then, I’ll enjoy these cool retro tiki sculptures and hang out in my Tiki Lounge, sipping drinks with little umbrellas in them and pretending I am in Hawaii.




  1. I just love your posts about Nana and Bob. This one reminds me of when my own grandparents went to Hawaii. I remember it was such an exotic and cool thing to do back in the early 70s. I have a photo of my grandparents, their friends Roy and Vi, and my great-aunt Marie and her husband Mark. All the men are wearing Hawaiian shirts made of the same fabric as their wives’ dresses. Everyone in the photo is gone now, so it’s a bittersweet thing when I come across it. But I’m really glad I have it.

    • Thanks Rita! My Nana and Bob were both really cool and interesting people. I have so many neat stories and photos about them. I love having things in my house that were theirs. It makes me feel like they are “there” with me as much as possible. It’s great that you have a cool picture of your grandparents in Hawaii too!

    • Amen Dave. There’s nothing classier than a guy in a suit…I wish more guys would wear them these days… I only get my adorable husband Jim to wear them for weddings and funerals, but boy does he look smokin’ when he puts one on! 🙂

  2. Mr. Modtomic LOVES him some Co Co Joes! I have a small but growing collection of them but none so special as those handed down by family members with attached memories. Love the family photos too. Neat!

    • I love the way everyone dressed back then…It would be nice if people still dressed like that, but unfortunately most people do not. It is fun to look at photos and see all the different outfits they had! Some of Bob’s golf outfits were pretty wild!

  3. Nana and Bob would certainly get a kick out of how much you are enjoying some of their things from long ago and also pictures of their adventures. I know I am loving that, especially after having my turn at having them around our house. 🙂 Nana was such a fashion plate and Bob went along willingly and they dressed to the nine’s for just about everything. Wish that were more the case in this era. At least we have the pictures! 🙂

    • Nana and Bob were such fashionable folk! Thanks for letting me look through pictures during my visit to your place…there are so many great ones in your “stash!” There will be more posts like this to come for sure!

  4. I have my very own Coco Joe’s tiki that I got in Hawaii ten years ago! My tiki looks just like yours. Hawaii was one of the best trips of my life, I hope you get to go!!

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